Porsche: making the dream of driving a luxury car accessible
• Exclusive car sharing with Vodafone telematics and Porsche
• Up to four people can share the costs and the fun

Dutch Porsche distributor PON has launched the ‘Share a Porsche’ initiative that uses Vodafone telematics. The innovative car sharing concept makes it possible to share a Porsche 911, Cayman or Boxter with up to four friends under a 12 or 24-month lease. A mobile app is used to organise and coordinate the use of the sports car. It shows the drivers how many kilometres they still have available to them and allows them to reserve the car on a specific day. All fixed costs such as maintenance, insurance and tax are covered by the monthly lease instalment. Only fuel is additional. The service is implemented with Vodafone’s telematics platform and cellular network. The mobile app was also developed by the telecommunications group, which today provides connected mobility solutions to 30 car manufacturers around the world. 

Audi: Vodafone delivers the future connected car experience with cellular V2X
• Fast and direct car-to-car communication with 5G
• “See Through” video feed for advance information about upcoming traffic situations

Cellular V2X (vehicle-to-everything) enables the rapid exchange of information between vehicles almost in real time. Other connected drivers in the area benefit from vehicle sensor data and, in the future, this technology will help to prevent accidents, reduce traffic congestion and optimise traffic flows. Information about potentially hazardous situations is shared between the connected vehicles and they find autonomous solutions to avoid the hazard. “See Through” is a video feed from a vehicle in front that gives Audi and Vodafone drivers visibility, allowing them to anticipate and negotiate road risks when there’s a car or truck blocking their view.


TankTaler: Vodafone makes every car a connected car
• Smartphone app shows location, fuel consumption and lots of other information
• Faster fill-ups: direct and secure fuel payments from inside the car

There are 45 million vehicles on the German roads. Many of them are already connected, sharing safety and service relevant vehicle information via the mobile network. Vodafone has been the first-choice vehicle connectivity partner to major automobile manufacturers for many years now and it’s the only telecommunications company offering an all-in package of connectivity, software, hardware and services. Munich-based startup ThinxNet trusts in Vodafone’s expertise and experience for its TankTaler connected car platform. The platform can give almost any car connectivity, even older models, because the vehicle data is transmitted to the driver’s smartphone via the Vodafone network. The TankTaler plug is connected to the car’s OBD-2 diagnostics interface so that vehicle data can be securely transmitted via the Vodafone IoT SIM card that is built into the plug. Another benefit of the app is that it speeds up the payment process at petrol stations. TankTaler users don’t have to go inside to pay. They pay at the pump.

BMW: The first motorcycle with eCall – an intelligent emergency call function
• Vodafone and BMW connect motorcycles provide an intelligent emergency call function
• Fast digital rescue chain in an emergency - throughout Europe

The BMW K 1600 G sport tourer has an optional eCall service via the Vodafone IoT SIM card on board. BMW Motorrad’s intelligent emergency call system uses the Vodafone network to get help to accident scenes as quickly as possible and improve road traffic safety. It is currently available in Germany and will be extended to many other European countries in 2018. The system has various sensors that monitor the bike’s speed and angle to identify when it is involved in an accident and trigger an emergency call. The rider can also use an SOS button on the handlebars to contact the BMW call centre. At the same time, other important information such as the bike's location is transmitted. Depending on how severe the accident is, the BMW call centre alerts the emergency services or attempts to contact the driver via the bike’s built-in audio system. When calls are made from abroad, the caller is always assigned to a BMW call centre agent who speaks his language. 

Egret: enabling a new era of urban mobility
• Vodafone connects a new vehicle category: the smart and shareable Egret electric scooter
• Egret scooters are a faster way to get around the city than walking

Vodafone and Egret are making electric scooters available to the public at large by launching the first sharing system of its kind in Europe for a new vehicle category. The foldable Egret electric scooter combines the principle of the kick scooter with the convenience of a motorised vehicle. The scooters have integrated Vodafone SIM cards for smart fleet management. Egret scooters help people to negotiate urban environments faster and more conveniently than they can on foot. They’re going to make urban traffic more flexible and less toxic in the future. 

Piaggio: Vodafone and Piaggio collaborate on connected e-bikes
• Mobile management optimises the e-bike experience
• Vodafone’s IoT SIM card paves the way for the theft-proof e-bike

E-bikes are a major current trend. There are already around two million of them on the German roads and numbers are still rising. One of the biggest concerns for e-bike users is theft. Every year, more than 340,000 of them are stolen causing damages of more than EUR 100 million, and only one in ten of the bikes are recovered. Piaggio’s new Wi-Bike could help to thwart thieves because the Italian manufacturer has collaborated with Vodafone to create a connected smart bike. The SIM card is built into the frame and connected to the rider’s smartphone. If the bike is stolen, the owner can easily locate it and inform the police. The connected bike also provides data on battery status and automatically adapts to different rider profiles to optimise the riding experience.