>> AI is central to Nuro’s Level 4 technology for safe commercial and consumer vehicle applications at scale.

>> Nuro will build its next-generation Nuro Driver™ — an AI-first L4 autonomous technology — on the NVIDIA DRIVE Thor architecture.

>> This integration will create a streamlined autonomous system on a centralized SoC, resulting in better efficiency and prioritizing safety.

>> The Nuro-NVIDIA collaboration marks a key step toward the scaled deployment of autonomous vehicles, advancing the Nuro Driver’s applicability across a broad range of commercial and consumer vehicles.

Mountain View, Calif. — Nuro, a leading autonomous technology company, today announced its plans to build the next generation of AI-first Level 4 (L4) autonomous driving technology on the NVIDIA DRIVE Thor compute platform, which will integrate the new NVIDIA Blackwell architecture, designed for transformer, LLM, and generative AI workloads.

The upcoming NVIDIA DRIVE Thor will power the next-generation Nuro Driver. This integrated autonomous driving system will consist of Nuro’s proprietary state-of-the-art, AI-first software, automotive-grade sensors, and NVIDIA automotive-grade compute and networking hardware. The Nuro Driver is generalizable and can be applied across commercial and consumer vehicles.

NVIDIA DRIVE Thor is a next-generation AI compute platform that centralizes all intelligent vehicle functions on a centralized SoC for safe and secure autonomous vehicles. Delivering up to 1,000 teraflops of high-performance compute, DRIVE Thor offers cutting-edge AI capabilities and is designed to enable continuously upgradable, software-defined features and capabilities.

Our work with NVIDIA furthers our track record of building industry-leading AI with the very best technology partners — Jiajun Zhu, Nuro CEO

This announcement marks a critical step towards wide commercial deployment of the Nuro Driver. By building on NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, Nuro can consolidate sensor processing, AI-first autonomy, and safety critical components into a centralized compute unit. This solution provides the reliability, safety, and performance that is required for mass production.


Importantly, the Nuro-NVIDIA collaboration optimizes for the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles. Nuro has a proven track record of prioritizing safety and has driven over 1 million autonomous miles on public roads with zero at-fault incidents. NVIDIA DRIVE Thor is designed for the highest levels of functional safety, with NVIDIA investing more than 15,000 engineering years into safety across its full stack.

"Our work with NVIDIA furthers our track record of building industry-leading AI with the very best technology partners," says Nuro’s CEO and co-founder Jiajun Zhu. "Tapping NVIDIA DRIVE Thor to power our next-generation, AI-first L4 autonomous technology marks a huge leap forward in realizing our mission to better everyday life through robotics."

"There are extreme complexities involved in building autonomous driving technology, which has to factor in safe and smart mobility features," said NVIDIA’s vice president of automotive, Rishi Dhall. "Nuro is using NVIDIA DRIVE Thor to power its industry-leading, AI-first L4 autonomous driving technology, helping shape the future of autonomy and redefine what’s possible on the road ahead."

The Nuro Driver has been successfully integrated into seven platforms including passenger vehicles, delivery robots, and trucks. This technology is proven on roads across three states, and has performed tens of thousands of deliveries for partners such as Kroger and Uber Eats.

In addition to building a delivery business, Nuro plans to partner with automotive companies, enabling them to develop their own autonomy products through licensing the Nuro Driver technology. The next-generation Nuro Driver, featuring NVIDIA DRIVE Thor, is currently in development and will begin testing later this year.