Luxeed S7 is the first model of the Huawei Intelligent Choice and Chery cooperation brand Luxeed, positioning medium and large intelligent coupe, the first equipped with the Hongmeng 4 (Harmony OS 4) intelligent cockpit as well as the Huawei intelligent driving system ADS2.0. equipped with parking chauffeur function.

Exterior Design

Luxeed S7 adopts the new OneBox styling design, which dramatically improves the cabin space availability, and boasts a unibody structure with fluidic golden surfaces to maximize driving space. It brings 0.203Cd ultra-low wind resistance, and the front face is Huawei’s family design, with headlight clusters equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lighting system, and the shooting width is raised from 25 meters to 50 meters. The front face combines a star-track fusion light cluster, air deflector and side air curtains in a simple and dynamic design. 2.6 square meters of panoramic canopy, borderless mirrors and borderless doors balance function and aesthetics. Equipped with ultra-wide angle lighting system, the irradiation width is increased from 25 meters to 50 meters. Luxeed S7 is available in five paint colors: Frost Moon Silver, Celestial Blue, Warm Nebula, Ceramic White and Gilt Black. Luxeed S7 has a length of 4971mm, a wheelbase of 2950mm and a width of 1963mm.


On the side, Luxeed S7 is equipped with hidden door handles, bezel-less doors, lightweight 21-inch forged dual-five-spoke wheels, Brembo brake calipers and the industry’s first FNC perforated brake discs, giving it a sporty look. The rear of the car adopts the popular through-type taillight design, which has a good degree of recognition. Luxeed S7 is also equipped with a 2.6 square meter large panoramic sunroof, which extends to the rear windshield, and is fully covered by 100% double-decker silver-plated heat-insulating glass, with a UV blocking rate of 99.9% and a heat-insulating rate of 98.3%.

Interior Design

Luxeed S7 adopts a yacht-embracing cabin design, which is divided into three parts, namely "Front View Deck", "Pilot Area" and "Driving Control Area", with a longitudinal length of 1,910mm at the front and rear of the cabin. The new olive-shaped sports steering wheel, which is said to be "more responsive" and "unobstructed view", is inspired by Formula 1 racing cars. Meanwhile, the flat multifunctional instrument panel in front of the passenger can not only be used as an office desk, but can also be opened to become an exquisite vanity.

Luxeed S7 is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel and a new olive-shaped sports steering wheel, which ensures an unobstructed view. It is also equipped with a large-size center control screen, HarmonyOS 4 car system, a new 3D car control desktop, and support for Huawei MagLink. in addition, the new car also offers a comfortable sporty main driver, a premium queen space, and a large space in the back row, and has three interior color options: white sand apricot, moonshadow grey, and sparrow feather red.

Interior Configurations

Luxeed S7 provides zero-gravity seats, hidden refrigerator, dual 50W wireless super fast chargers, three 66W super fast chargers, and heated/ventilated front and rear seats. Luxeed S7 is the first to be equipped with architectural acoustic speakers, adopting a 17-unit acoustic design, supporting a 7.1 surround sound field, with a 1000W independent amplifier, and the industry’s first spatial sound cockpit, which supports wheat-free K-singing.

Luxeed S7 is equipped with an 11.9-liter skeletonized center console, and the passenger seat can be flattened with zero-gravity enjoyment, supporting 18-way adjustment, 10-point massage, ventilated heating function, and the zero-pressure angle of the legs is 126 °, while the zero-pressure angle of the lumbar area has 115 °. Meanwhile, the car’s rear seats support two adjustable positions of 27° and 32°, and are also equipped with ventilation and heating functions. The seats of the new car are named "Silk and Cloud Seats", which are said to be "like silk to the touch" and "like clouds to the sitting". The rear row has a large leg and knee space, comfortable, the seats support two-speed adjustment and ventilation and heating, with the starlight black belt and HUAWEI MagLink, allowing users to enjoy the rear row conveniently and comfortably.