LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Visteon, a global technology leader at the forefront of driving digitalization and electrification trends in the mobility industry, showcases its innovative portfolio during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Visteon's commitment to enabling the automotive industry's evolution is evident in its groundbreaking software-driven, cloud-enabled and battery-electric solutions. These key themes underscore Visteon's dedication to revolutionizing the driving experience and shaping the future of mobility.

"The automotive industry continues on its path of rapid change, and Visteon remains at the forefront of digitalization and electrification by developing new, award-winning technologies. Our approach of developing complete systems accelerates their vehicles’ time to market and provides innovative digital products for end consumers". Sachin Lawande, President and CEO, Visteon

Digital Cockpit Electronics: Enabling the Software-Defined Vehicle

The automotive industry is increasingly focused on advanced vehicle electrical architectures as well as silicon and software solutions to drive greater levels of integration of features and functions, including connected infotainment, safety, and user experience features. Visteon stands at the forefront of these trends with a diverse range of digital cockpit products, from digital clusters to Android Infotainment systems and solutions tailored for Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV).

Visteon showcased its expertise in this area during CES 2024 with an end-to-end solution demonstrating the company’s capability to address the challenges of the next generation software-defined vehicles by integrating its cloud-based AllGo® Connected Services, SmartCore® Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform, and SmartZone Zonal Controller concept.

Our booth display demonstrated how Visteon is leading the change from a distributed functional system to a centralized high-performance computing platform. This centralization of services enables simpler and less costly vehicle electrical architectures, while offering more effective feature updates during the lifetime of the vehicle.

Additionally, Visteon displayed a 2023 Harley-Davidson CVO™ Motorcycle, featuring Visteon’s SmartCore® integrated cockpit domain controller and an industry-first 12.3-inch TFT display.


Displays: Visual Interface for CDC Innovation

Visteon has embraced the shift in display trends towards a preference for larger screens with sleek pillar-to-pillar designs. Our cutting-edge display technology delivers enhanced power efficiency, extended lifespan, and superior image quality for readability in any condition. Visteon's vertical integration capabilities, global manufacturing footprint, and value-added offerings for both OLED and LCD displays allows us to meet the specific needs of automakers.

A CES 2024 Innovation Award honoree, Visteon’s Deco Trim Command and Control Display is a fully configurable control display that provides design flexibility by blending seamlessly into the surrounding materials when inactive and wakes with the wave of a hand.

Visteon also showcased its Curved Large Format OLED Display, the largest active screen with the most advanced haptic technology available. The 46-inch curved, pillar-to-pillar display incorporates passenger and driver content with high optical performance, high contrast ratio, fast response times, and excellent viewing angles.

Electrification: Advancing Battery Management Systems (BMS) and Power Electronics for the Electric Ecosystem

In response to evolving vehicle architecture, customer needs and sustainability practices, Visteon distinguishes itself through the introduction of first-to-market and cutting-edge wireless Battery Management Systems (BMS). These innovative systems prioritize industry-leading accuracy, system safety features, and a comprehensive lifecycle management approach. Visteon's smartBMS systems, coupled with our intelligent Battery Junction Boxes (smartBJBs), are uniquely designed to be chemistry and system interface-agnostic, showcasing adaptability and upgradeability, facilitating seamless integration with diverse lithium chemistries and vehicle architectures and ensuring compliance with a transforming regulatory landscape.

In the power electronics space, Visteon integrates state-of-the-art functionality, such as vehicle-to-everything onboard charging, high-availability DC power conversion, and solid-state fuses for power distribution, to improve manufacturing and ownership experience, efficiency and system integration into diverse vehicle platforms. These products focus on optimizing energy conversion and packaging efficiency while providing rapid, reliable and effective power delivery throughout the propulsion system. Visteon remains at the forefront of addressing the evolving needs of the electric ecosystem, exploring features such as vehicle-to-load and actively engaging in ongoing developments in vehicle-to-grid integrated systems.

As Visteon unveils its latest technologies at CES 2024, the company reiterates its commitment to driving innovation, empowering the industry, and shaping the future of mobility through software-driven, cloud-enabled, and battery-electric solutions.