>> Baidu and the Geely Holding  joint venture brand JiYue launched its first AI powered electric ROBOCAR in the Chinese market

>> ROBOCAR JiYue 01 first model to offer premium intelligent driving feature ROBO Drive Max as a subscription service

>> First mass production model to utilize Qualcomm 8295 intelligent vehicle cockpit chip supporting the SIMO intelligent vehicle AI partner

>> JiYue ROBO Drive supported by dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips

>> ROBO Drive Max to offer users true Point-to-Point navigation assistance and AVP autonomous valet parking in 200+ cities and 90% of Chinese highways by 2024

Shanghai – Geely Holding Group’s (Geely Holding), China’s largest privately held automotive group, and Baidu’s next-generation joint-venture automotive robocar brand, JiYue ROBOCAR, launched its flagship vehicle and first AI powered electric ROBOCAR, JiYUE 01 at a brand event in Shanghai, China.

The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 is the world’s first consumer model empowered by Baidu’s Apollo’s full suite of L4 autonomous driving solutions.


The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 developed through the combination of Geely Holdings automotive hardware technologies and Baidu’s intelligent automotive AI software technologies. The vehicle is based on Geely’s SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) and Baidu’s automotive AI technology solutions such as Apollo intelligent autonomous driving solutions suite.


The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 adopts an ultra-aerodynamic 0.249 drag coefficient SUV design with a body that measures 4853mm 1990mm 1611mm and wheelbase of 3000mm, offering users the most interior space in its class. The interior has been designed around a futuristic high-tech aesthetic where most physical buttons are removed encouraging users to control vehicle functionality through the intelligent vehicle AI partner, SIMO.


The launch of the ROBOCAR JiYue 01 will also see the debut of Baidu’s intelligent vehicle AI partner "SIMO." The intelligent AI SIMO is considered a leader in the industry capable of the most "natural" vocal communication with its users and management of almost all the vehicle functionalities. SIMO is a true partner which can support drivers and passengers, executing their commands, giving directions, or even giving general advice.

SIMO speech recognition speed is as fast as 500ms and covers complex scenarios in and out of the vehicle, four-way simultaneous conversations, and continued conversations. The AI system also integrates multi-modal interactions including voice, gestures, and visual cues to enhance personalization to the users. SIMO is backed by Baidu’s integrated AI system Ernie Bot enabling it to continue growing and develop logical reasoning and strategic planning capabilities.

The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 is the world’s first model to support voice-activated/controlled parking while outside the vehicle. Users can command ROBOCAR JiYue 01 to utilize its AVP autonomous valet parking function to park itself or pickup users in indoor or outdoor parking lots from up to 2km away.


Offered in single or dual motor trims, each e-motor in the ROBOCAR JiYue 01 ultra-efficient electric drive system comes with 200kW of power on tap. The Max Performance version of the ROBOCAR JiYue 01 with dual motors and an intelligent four-wheel drive can utilize up to 400kW of power in an instant in two or four wheel drive modes enabling a 0-100km/h acceleration in 3.8s.

Two battery options are offered 71.4kWh and 100kWh providing users with 550km and 720km CLTC electric range respectively. With high-speed charging, the vehicle can be charged from 10% to 80% in under 30 minutes.

The intelligent functions of the ROBOCAR JiYue 01 is supported by the industry’s most advanced AI chips such as the Qualcomm 8295 vehicle cockpit chips and NVIDIA DRIVE Orin autonomous drive chips.

The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 will be the world’s first model to offer consumers access to Baidu’s Apollo full suite of L4 autonomous driving solutions. The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 autonomous driving functions are supported by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips and vision-centric intelligent drive architecture based on 11 high-def cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 5 millimetre wave radars.

ROBO Drive

Users can subscribe to the ROBO Drive Max on a monthly basis to access the continuously evolving intelligent drive functions. ROBO Drive Max will offer PPA (Point to Point) navigation assistance and AVP autonomous valet parking functionality on 90% of China’s highways and in 3 urban cities, Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai initially, expanding to 200+ cities in 2024.

ROBO Drive Max PPA navigation assistance is capable of full autonomous lane changing and overtakes, highway on and off ramp manoeuvring, multi-lane obstacle avoidance, identifying zebra crossing and traffic lights, giving way to pedestrians, making unprotected left turns, avoiding non-motorized vehicles, and other driving functions.

ROBO Drive also includes many standard intelligent driving functions such as lane keeping, autonomous parking assist, collision warning, lane departure warning, intelligent cruise control, lane changing, and parking spot finding.


As makers of highly intelligent vehicles, data security is of utmost concern for JiYue. The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 adopts a unique end-to-end encryption system. No one other than the user (including JiYue) can access encrypted vehicle data, ensuring the protection of user’s personal data and driving record.

Backed by Geely’s SEA Sustainable Experience Architecture, the ROBOCAR JiYue 01 offers world’s leading 5-star safety. Through the most effective combination of ultra-high strength steel, high-strength aluminium alloy, and other materials to deflect and absorb collision energy, the vehicle has achieved a body torsion stiffness far exceeding the industry standard.

The handleless induction doors come equipped with 4 millimetre wave radars to more accurately detect obstacles. The ROBOCAR JiYue 01 also comes with independent redundant power supply for electric doors, a first in mass-production vehicles. Even in the rare case where all power is lost, the doors will still open.

Deliveries of the ROBOCAR JiYue 01 nationwide in the Chinese market will start after the vehicle launch. While kicking off a new era of intelligent driving and the evolution of intelligent vehicles with the ROBOCAR JiYue 01, JiYue is also continuing with plans for its second product to be announced in the near future.