HARMAN is behind some of the most trendsetting connected technologies and products for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets. Our Automotive Division is collaborating with industry partners on road-ready, in-vehicle solutions that meets the needs of consumers in their increasingly digital lifestyles. We are excited to announce that HARMAN is creating rich experiences that will enhance NVIDIA’s new DRIVE IX with premium sound, in-car communication, and consumer device connectivity.

DRIVE IX provides an open software platform for companies to build and deploy features that will turn personal vehicles into an entirely new living space. Through offerings such as intelligent assistants, graphic user interfaces and immersive media and entertainment, HARMAN is reimagining automotive experiences that will go the extra mile.

Unlike other tier-1 automotive suppliers, HARMAN has the unique capability to combine and integrate core technologies – ranging from Telematics, Cloud, Audio, Cockpit, and ADAS – to create real, in-car experiences today that were once only imaginable as concepts. With this approach, HARMAN is delivering something meaningful for consumers – while shifting the definition of the vehicle from something used for simply for transportation to important places, into an important "third place" itself.

"As our homes and lives become more interconnected with our vehicles, it is natural for us to want more than just traditional transportation from our cars. With our unmatched combination of consumer and automotive expertise, HARMAN is uniquely positioned to transform what the in-cabin experience can be for consumers," said Günther Kraft, Vice President, Digital Cockpit at HARMAN International. "For NVIDIA's new Drive XI, we can bring immersive cinematic experiences to every seat in the vehicle and use AI to transform the way drivers interact with the car itself. Ultimately, this collaboration will offer OEMs an expanded value proposition while taking the in-vehicle experience that extra mile for their customers."

Creating impactful connected experiences with partners like NVIDIA is part of HARMAN’s strategy to deliver consumer experiences at automotive grade. HARMAN leverages their distinct, blended automotive and consumer technology expertise to translate consumer device-level connected experiences into an automotive environment that delivers on consumer expectations and fits their increasingly digital lifestyles. Key recent examples include:

> Heightened levels of safety and wellness featured in HARMAN’s new Ready Care offering – a set of solutions that can detect driver behavior and assist actions through context-aware interventions to make driving safer and smarter.

> New content engagement opportunities that leverage HARMAN’s 5G capabilities and cloud services, which means that the car can become anyone’s favorite concert venue, delivering all the energy of a live performance right into the vehicle.

> Unique innovative opportunities that transform the vehicle into a creative space, including leveraging a variety of technologies and services to bring to life amazing 3D graphic experiences across all cockpit and infotainment domains.

> Immersive gaming solutions that will leverage HARMAN’s Scalable Compute, 5G TCU and HARMAN Ignite platforms to create a fast and truly captivating gaming experience using the car as the playing field.

For decades, HARMAN has been uniquely positioned at the intersection of automotive and consumer technology innovation, resulting in meaningful, industry-leading solutions. Through its key consumer and technology brands, deep industry expertise, and robust technology stack, HARMAN is equipped to deliver on the promise of consumer experiences through automotive-grade solutions today.

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