>> Patented Samsung technology from leading consumer devices has been reimagined for the vehicle to deliver new levels of vivid, brilliant in-cabin optics

HARMAN, an automotive technology company and subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on designing consumer experiences at automotive grade, today introduced HARMAN Ready Display, a portfolio of display products, including Neo QLED Auto, that leverage Samsung synergies to bring leading consumer electronics display experiences into the vehicle. HARMAN Ready Display optimizes price, performance, and design to fit a wide variety of vehicle needs.

As consumer demand for engaging and advanced in-cabin user experiences continues to grow at a pace set by smartphones, automotive manufacturers need display products that are dynamic and accessible. Current mass-market Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD displays fall short of consumer expectations of consumer electronics grade visual experiences, and Plastic OLED offerings are too cost-prohibitive to be offered in all car categories. HARMAN Ready Display bridges this gap by delivering a portfolio of display products that offer superior visual experiences at more accessible price points, leveraging Samsung’s consumer electronics innovations and purchasing scale into preferred vehicle displays that are obtainable to more of the market.

"Ready Display provides the displays that consumers have come to expect on their televisions and smartphones, in their vehicles — all at an accessible price. By partnering with HARMAN, automakers can bring High Dynamic Range (HDR) quality displays to their vehicles today," said Armin Prommersberger, Senior Vice President of Product Management, HARMAN International. "Further, being part of the Samsung family allows us to integrate consumer electronics expertise into our innovation process, ensuring the experiences we create are built at automotive grade, with actual users in mind — and in partnership with some of the world’s top consumer electronics experts."

HARMAN’s Ready Display includes Neo QLED Auto, which leapfrogs existing in-market options to achieve superior near-OLED visual experiences at a preferred price point. Enabled by patented Samsung technology that is available exclusively to HARMAN, Neo QLED Auto displays leverage automotive-ready cadmium-free Quantum Dot film and MINI LED backlight technology to achieve HDR grade displays with high contrast, high brightness, wide color gamut and perfect black to deliver stunning visual experiences within the vehicle, at preferred price points when compared to existing OLED-based display options. Neo QLED Auto also has a lower optical distance and all-in-one die-cast body concept to enable OEMs to integrate the display more easily into their vehicles and with superior design freedom over today’s TFT displays.

Ready Display is part of HARMAN’s line-up of new products introduced during EXPLORE that are road-ready — and have demonstrated they deliver compelling in-cabin experiences. Each product is designed to work independently to deliver specific vehicle safety, well-being, in-cabin entertainment and connectivity benefits — but also integrates seamlessly with other HARMAN Ready products for an even more enhanced in-cabin experience. For example, Ready Display can work with to seamlessly with HARMAN Ready Care to integrate driver and occupant monitoring system features into displays via notched and free-form displays or under display camera installations.

Key features of HARMAN Ready Display include:

> Samsung-powered optics: Patented Samsung technology delivers HDR-level performance, with cadmium-free Quantum Dot technology, higher efficiency and readability under harsh environmental conditions (temperature or sunlight). Ready Display immerses the viewer in a state-of-the-art optical experience that pushes the envelope for in-vehicle displays, all in a sleek and elegant form at preferred price points.

> Lower power consumption & low halo technology: Efficient automotive-ready Quantum Dot film and lower halo effect delivers vivid and brilliant optics that enable leading home entertainment levels of viewing in the vehicle with significantly lower power consumption, which is ideal for both EVs and ICE vehicles.

> System & design integration: Multi-modal interfaces and slimmer design and borders, plus lower optical distance and an all-in-one die-cast body concept, offer reduced thickness and high compatibility with vehicle designs compared to competitor technology. Ready Display also supports the latest system requirements for graphic content processing, and protection, for optimal performance, safety and security.

HARMAN’s wealth of automotive and system integration experience and the power of Samsung’s display R&D and scale, support OEMs in their desire to offer bigger, more impactful user experiences to drivers and passengers of their vehicles.

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