HARMAN and Bowers & Wilkins are combining their leading technology competencies to elevate all aspects of audio as well as the listening experience for all drivers and passengers of BMW’s latest 7 Series. Bowers & Wilkins in collaboration with HARMAN have developed and tuned two world-class, high-performance audio systems, the Surround Sound System and the Diamond Surround Sound System. This is the first time that Bowers & Wilkins sound will be available in two different levels of a BMW, giving customers access to high-performance audio for every 7 Series vehicle. Integrated by HARMAN and combined with HARMAN’s Quantum Logic Immersion (QLI) technology, both sound systems provide gorgeous sound and high-performance audio.

Take it up a notch

Bowers & Wilkins’ Surround Sound System in the BMW 7 Series features 18 high-performance speakers, including dual opposed woofers, to complement the subwoofers and bring greater balance and coherency to all frequencies, with less vibration and greater precision. With amplifier output of 655 watts, the sound system is beautifully designed to complement the luxurious interior of the 7 Series, such as ultra-thin stainless-steel grilles with a sound-optimized hole pattern as well as illuminated logos in the front and rear doors.

For drivers seeking the very finest options, the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System provides an exceptional listening experience that reflects the highest possible standards in car audio performance. It combines unparalleled technology, such as Diamond dome tweeters from the 800 Series Diamond, QuantumLogic Immersion with 3D sound, Dynamic Equalization Control (DEC), with a 4D tactile bass experience. The Diamond Surround Sound System is the most advanced audio system of its generation, featuring up to 36 high-performance speakers and a 32-channel amplifier delivering 1,965 watts of pure sonic power, so you can listen to music that is accurate and true to the original recording, a philosophy known as True Sound. Intelligent technology and innovations allow users to tailor their listening experience, while the beautiful industrial design is characterized by brushed stainless-steel covers with a laser-etched logo and a discreet lighting effect. This subtle illumination on the tweeters is designed to accentuate the Diamond tweeter, which allows proud owners to discreetly draw attention to the system, which, in turn, complements the elegantly crafted interior of the BMW 7 Series.

Unparalleled accuracy and authenticity

Both sound systems feature dual-balanced woofers, as found on the famous PV1D and the DB Series subwoofers, and use two cones arranged in an opposed, balanced configuration to greatly reduce unwanted vibration and provide fantastic coloration-free bass. The BMW 7 Series is also the first BMW to be equipped with Bowers & Wilkins Continuum® cone drive units, which offer pristine midrange sound for extra precision and authenticity in the reproduction of vocals and instruments. Whichever Surround Sound System they choose, drivers of the new BMW 7 Series will enjoy sound perfected and tuned by HARMAN and Bowers & Wilkins engineers. Together with BMW, Bowers & Wilkins and HARMAN ensure fully integrated, studio-grade technology and an in-car listening experience that delivers unparalleled accuracy and authenticity. This offers an unparalleled level of in-car entertainment, further enhanced by the Bowers & Wilkins system for immersive surround sound.

Highest quality sound

Quantum Logic Immersion is the current pinnacle of HARMAN’s nearly 70 years of audio technology expertise and excellence. It employs HARMAN’s proprietary digital signal processing algorithms to deliver the widest range of the highest quality sound on the market to provide drivers and passengers with an expansive, yet natural, 3D surround sound experience in the passengers’ cabin. To achieve this, HARMAN’s Quantum Logic Immersion analyzes the audio mix and its unique properties, such as reverb and sound objects, all without adding elements to the original mix. It then combines the individual signal streams using patented filter bank technology and psychoacoustic modeling to create an immersive multichannel listening experience with exceptional clarity, detail and image specificity.

"HARMAN and Bowers & Wilkins are united by their passion for engineering excellence, which is a key part of the rich heritage of both companies. With the Bowers & Wilkins’ Surround Sound System drivers and passengers of the new BMW 7 series are sure to enjoy a level of driving, entertainment and listening pleasure that is truly in a class of its own," commented Christian Sobottka, President of the HARMAN Automotive Division.

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