Urbanization is steadily on the rise globally, creating increasing challenges for drivers, passengers and pedestrians navigating congested streets and heavy traffic. As an organization that has always looked to developing mobility solutions that elevate safer in-vehicle experiences,, HARMAN has long been committed to helping automakers tackle road traffic and congestion through its ADAS, navigation, infotainment technologies and more. Throughout our 75 years of innovating in the world of automotive, HARMAN has championed many critical automotive technologies that advance road safety, including recent strategic inroads towards enhancing our Augmented Reality capabilities by acquiring Apostera, while growing vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications by investing in Savari – all of which feed into our broader car safety offerings. This National Traffic Awareness Month, we’re shining a light on some of these bleeding-edge technologies that we’ve developed, elevated and championed, to make sure the in-car experience is strong, seamless and safe.

Keeping drivers and passengers safe with top-of-line driver assistance solutions

HARMAN’s outstanding reputation for providing top-of-line automotive solutions to OEMs, drivers and passengers is enabling automakers to bring a new generation of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) solutions to cars around the world with the HARMAN Digital Cockpit. This includes developing monitoring systems like E-Mirror and Park Assist, which are just a few of consumers’ favorites. HARMAN E-mirror is a camera and display combination that improves visual awareness for drivers and passengers by providing valuable information, such as distance to other vehicles or speed. And, for increased protection, E-Mirror can be scaled in conjunction with computation platforms to offer up to ADAS L2 functionality. Park Assist helps drivers get a complete view of their surroundings that conventional car mirrors and environmental distractions often cloud. The HARMAN Augmented Surround View system monitors the blind spots and those areas the driver might miss and provides a better understanding of what’s happening in the immediate vicinity. Especially in cities, where the volume of traffic and pedestrians can be overwhelming for any driver, the Surround View system can help avoid accidents in multiple scenarios.

Keeping drivers and passengers connected safely on the road

There has been an increased focus on ensuring cars on the road today can stay connected to other cars, the environments around them and everything else. HARMAN solutions like HARMAN TCU and HARMAN Savari MECWAVE play a crucial role in helping to create connections between the car and its surroundings, allowing for enhanced safety as these technologies also help with connection. With the first-to-market 5G-ready Telematics Control Unit (TCU), HARMAN allows users to upgrade from 4G to 5G connected experiences, giving vehicles access to the most up-to-date connectivity capabilities and helping them maintain communication at all times. HARMAN Savari MECWAVE, an industry-first multi-access edge compute (MEC) software platform, helps to accelerate the deployment of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, including safety-critical applications like hazard alerts.

Staying connected safely with cutting-edge in-vehicle cybersafety solutions

With a priority placed on connectivity in the car, we at HARMAN have been hard at work developing solutions that go beyond the conventional means of keeping drivers and passengers safe. The reliance on connected technology opens up the possibility of vulnerabilities to cyberthreats, as well. HARMAN has developed a number of in-vehicle cybersecurity solutions to protect drivers, passengers and OEMs from cyber-attacks in the car. In particular, HARMAN SHIELD provides full visibility to possible harmful activities and detection of in-vehicle cyber threats. It includes a means to assess and investigate those threats and has capabilities to report, respond and mitigate the threats in real-time. The solution is comprised of leading building blocks to provide a modular scalable architecture.

We at HARMAN remain committed to driving the mobility experiences of today and tomorrow. As consumer expectations for the vehicle and its offerings continue to evolve, HARMAN is helping automakers quickly adapt and deliver on their promises, as part of our ‘Consumer Experiences. Automotive Grade.’ vision. With that guiding force driving our teams, safety remains the top priority for every groundbreaking automotive solution and technology HARMAN innovates. From the automotive technologies mentioned above to growing our capabilities and offerings for smart city technologies, our brilliant teams at HARMAN are hard at work every day building the car safety architecture of tomorrow.

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