The Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud in action

To create a car that is “always connected”, Ericsson and LYNK & CO have teamed up to create the latest car connectivity cloud. The digital platform features an application programming interface (API) open to third party developers, which will provide endless opportunities to personalize, enrich and expand the automobile experience.

LYNK & CO vehicles are designed to meet the preferences of the connected generation of consumers around the globe. Born digital, LYNK & CO introduces a new business model, building a service ecosystem using an open API to offer personalized services, sharing possibilities and the first dedicated app store for cars.

A car that is always connected

Designed and engineered in Sweden, the core of the LYNK & CO brand is connectivity. Customers will find a range of connected technologies on offer in the vehicles, all aimed at making life easier and a bit more fun.

This new generation of automotive experience, with a service ecosystem allowing any number of stakeholders to be integrated, including telematics, diagnostics, infotainment, security and new methods for car sharing. This is all made possible with Ericsson’s horizontal approach to connectivity.

The car has a share button, enabling the owner to generate rental income via a shareable digital key. LYNK & CO owners can control, monitor and share their car from a smartphone app, which communicates with their car via the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud.

" While other car brands are undergoing a digital transformation, LYNK & CO is born digital. The lack of legacy systems and the ability to build solutions in the cloud enables us to bring the customer seamlessly through an omni-channel platform– from researching and purchase and all the way through the owning, sharing, servicing and re-selling." David Green, Chief Digital Officer of LYNK & CO 

An open platform for continual innovation

LYNK & CO relies on Ericsson for the connectivity that makes their offerings scalable around the globe. Ericsson’s horizontal solutions make it possible to seamlessly meet the demands and regulations of different markets, even when the car crosses national borders.

By connecting directly with owners, LYNK & CO are able to build brand loyalty and unprecedented connections with their customers. LYNK & CO is evidence that possibilities of the connected car become realities with the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud.

Ericsson Digital Key unlocks possibilities for LYNK & CO

LYNK & CO are ready to transform the entire car owning (and sharing) experience with the launch of their debut model at Auto Shanghai in April 2017. The product of a Chinese/Swedish collaboration, LYNK & CO sets a new standard for the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

The digital key developed by Ericsson is one of the groundbreaking standard features included with the premiere LYNK & CO 01 model. Working in unison with a mobile app, the digital key will transform car ownership for both private consumers and fleet owners.

How the Ericsson Digital Key works

With a digital key and car sharing platform developed by Ericsson, owners can easily allow friends and family secure, time-limited access to their LYNK & CO car.