Have you ever thought about what it takes to drive? At Waabi, we think about it constantly.

When you get behind the wheel, a mix of intuition, instinct and learned skills helps you process what’s happening and make instantaneous decisions about how to navigate obstacles, when to slow down, speed up, stop, and much more. The human brain’s ability to do all this is remarkable.

Realizing the promise of self-driving technology requires us to teach the “brain” of self-driving vehicles to do exactly the same—while eliminating the risks of distraction, fatigue, and other human-specific vulnerabilities.

At Waabi, we have known from day one that this cannot happen with on-the-road testing alone. Beyond the fact that in some cases it can be risky, it would take thousands of self-driving vehicles driving millions of miles for thousands of years to experience everything necessary to learn to drive safely in every possible circumstance. After all, there are many things that happen out on the road, most of them very rarely.

In order to teach the self-driving “brain” to drive intuitively, intelligently, and safely, a radical new approach is needed.

Today, we are taking the next step in our journey to rapidly and safely commercialize self-driving vehicles, starting with trucking, and unveiling the capabilities of our revolutionary simulator: Waabi World.

Waabi World is the most scalable, highest fidelity closed-loop simulator ever and the key to unlocking the potential of self-driving technology. Powered by AI, it is an immersive and reactive environment that can design tests, assess skills, and teach the self-driving “brain” (what we call the Waabi Driver) to learn to drive on its own. Think of it like the ultimate school for self-driving vehicles.

Waabi World exposes the Waabi Driver to the vast diversity of experiences needed to hone its driving skills, including both common driving scenarios and safety-critical edge cases. This significantly reduces the need to drive testing miles in the real world and results in a safer, more affordable solution.

Waabi World is defined by four core capabilities:

> Builds digital twins of the world from data, automatically and at scale;

> Performs near real-time high fidelity sensor simulation enabling testing of the entire software stack in an immersive and reactive manner;

> Creates scenarios to stress-test the Waabi Driver, automatically and at scale;

> Teaches the Waabi Driver to learn from its mistakes and master the skills of driving without human intervention.

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