Who would have imagined that the car could bring us to the brink of teleportation? What was pure science fiction just three years ago is starting to take on the outlines of reality. The immersive experience provided by Valeo VoyageXR actually comes very close to teleportation. By combining Valeo technologies with virtual reality systems that are already available to consumers, Valeo teams have developed the world’s first immersive communication system for vehicles, creating a unique cross-reality (XR) experience. And this is just the beginning. Thanks to reduced latency, faster speeds, more data exchanged and a better connection to the cloud, the arrival of 5G will open up a host of new opportunities in mobility, paving the way for the development of new connectivity services. With Valeo’s help, motor vehicles have now become an integral part of the digital revolution. The four innovations presented below indicate the magnitude of what is to come.

With Valeo’s help, motor vehicles have now become an integral part of the digital revolution. The four innovations presented below indicate the magnitude of what is to come.

Valeo VoyageXR and Valeo CallXR or how to get friends and loved ones on board virtually

Valeo VoyageXR and Valeo CallXR bring friends and loved ones on board the vehicle virtually, offering an immersive communication experience. Equipped with a virtual reality headset and joysticks, the Valeo VoyageXR user is as if teleported into the back of the vehicle, even if it is located at the other end of the world, with a 360° view of what is happening in and around it. The augmented reality headset brings the virtual passenger into the moving vehicle via sound and image. They can see the driver, talk to him or her, and interact. Meanwhile, the virtual passenger is visible to the actual moving driver in the form of an avatar displayed in the rearview mirror. This teleportation comes courtesy of the combined use of Valeo perception systems located outside and inside the vehicle, plus connectivity.

The Valeo CallXR system allows you to start a video conference with the vehicle’s driver or passengers, simply using a tablet or a smartphone, and see what’s happening, both inside and outside the vehicle. This Valeo technological solution combines ultrasonic sensors, cameras and machine learning algorithms.

Valeo Park4U®, when the car learns its lessons

The world leader in parking assistance systems, with 35% of the global market, Valeo is presenting the latest version of its Valeo Park4U® autonomous parking system. Using machine learning technology to reproduce a parking maneuver that it has previously learned, the vehicle can park itself autonomously, with such precision that it can not only detect a charging station and line itself up perfectly, but also plug itself in automatically, making charging a seamless experience for the driver.

Heading toward empathic vehicles with Valeo Smart Cocoon 4.0

What could be more subjective than comfort? We are all unique, as are our senses. So could a vehicle work out our preferences and make things feel just right for us? You bet it could, thanks to Valeo Smart Cocoon. This innovative technology allows Valeo to create personalized comfort bubbles adapted to each passenger depending on their characteristics, such as their build, their heart rate or the type of clothing they’re wearing. Adjusting the environment to suit each person’s needs also improves energy efficiency, with savings of up to 30%.

The system leverages artificial intelligence and the information captured by various sensors to deliver personalized comfort through a combination of temperature, lighting, sound effects and fragrance. The interior lighting, for example, adjusts automatically to reflect the temperature and reinforce the feeling of comfort, with warm shades for heat and pale shades for cool. The vehicle also becomes empathic in the sense that it can take into account the physiological state of its driver and passengers, by detecting signs of fatigue, distraction, emotion and stress.