Trucking is the backbone of our economy, but an acute labor shortage, safety concerns and the industry’s environmental impact are wreaking havoc on its future. Autonomy will solve many of the industry’s woes, but this promise has yet to be realized.

Today we’re proud to unveil the Waabi Driver: the next generation of autonomous trucking technology.

The Waabi Driver combines our revolutionary AI-first autonomy stack as software along with sensors and compute as hardware. Together, they form a complete solution designed for factory-level OEM integration, large-scale commercialization, and safe deployment.

An AI-First Approach to Safer Roads

The Waabi Driver is an end-to-end trainable system that automatically learns from data, speeding up development dramatically and enabling it to learn the complex decision-making needed for operating on the road safely. This contrasts the traditional approach that is brittle, overly complex, and requires painstaking manual code adjustments.

Our AI-first approach is empowered by Waabi World, the ultimate school for self-driving, which exposes the Waabi Driver to the vast diversity of scenarios needed to hone its driving skills, including both common situations and safety-critical edge cases. To put that into perspective, it would otherwise take thousands of self-driving vehicles driving millions of miles each to experience these situations on the road. This approach drastically reduces the need to drive in the real world, resulting in a solution that is much more sustainable, and both smarter and safer before the wheels even start turning. On-road driving is primarily reserved for the final step of development: validation and verification. This is a major paradigm shift.

While the Waabi Driver is AI-first, that doesn’t mean it is a black box that no one can understand. The autonomy stack is modular and produces intermediate interpretable representations, allowing us to trace and validate every decision it makes.

Unlocking Autonomy at Scale

To fully unleash the power of autonomy, you need a product that scales. The Waabi Driver boasts superior generalization capabilities so it can safely apply learned skills to unseen scenarios and brand new geographies, without ever having driven there before. These capabilities lay the foundation for safe and scalable operations by unlocking new autonomous trucking routes with unprecedented speed.

Ready for Trucking, Now

Not only did we design our autonomy stack for widespread deployment, the Waabi Driver is also purpose-built with production intent from day one. It’s adaptable to multiple redundant truck platforms and easily integrated on the assembly line with no disruption. Our hardware solution is plug-and-play, lightweight, simple to maintain, and aerodynamic to maximize fuel savings. This all makes the Waabi Driver the most flexible autonomous trucking solution available.

We employ multiple sensors such as LiDARs, cameras, and radars for increased redundancy and safety. Leveraging the sensor simulation capabilities within Waabi World, we’re able to streamline sensor selection, integrate the latest technology quickly, and ultimately deliver the most flexible solution for our OEM partners.

The future of trucking is autonomous.

The future of trucking is Waabi.

The future is coming soon to a road near you.