>> At the Einride November Release, Einride visually showcased the grids it aims to power globally through its freight mobility ecosystem

>> The latest hardware product additions include a new autonomous vehicle, remote operations and the all new Einride Stations – a hub of mass charging that will be rolled out in multiple markets starting in LA in 2023

>> Operationally, Einride is set to be the first in the world to operate autonomously across country borders as it sets to expand into its latest market: Norway

Freight mobility technology company Einride announced today at its November Release the latest line up of product offerings and capabilities to its ecosystem of shipping – including Einride Stations, a new autonomous vehicle and an extended use case for Einride Saga. The globally streamed event visualized the Einride ecosystem by showcasing the most recent global operational use cases from the company in four succinct grids. The latest company offerings and milestone updates were woven within these grid cases, highlighting plans for new market expansions and growing operations.

“We can unlock a truly sustainable, resilient future when we move away from thinking about transportation just as a siloed sector of A to B. To reimagine shipping means thinking about the entirety of the ecosystem, which has been the idea of Einride since day one” said Robert Falck, Founder and CEO of Einride. “Today we were able to not only share our growth and continued innovation that is being implemented, but clearly showcase how other shippers can take these same insights and apply our ecosystem to their supply chains – today.”

Expansion of freight mobility solutions

The lineup of Einride’s capacity-as-a-service products received its latest updates with the unveiling of a new charging solution, Einride Stations. Serving as the backbone of freight mobility grids, Einride Stations enable easy and reliable charging of electric trucks by being placed at strategic on-road locations that are accessible to fleets. Select Einride Stations will also include an operations center to ensure reliable fleet operations as well as areas for drivers to relax and recharge at a lounge area.

The first installments of Einride Stations have opened throughout Sweden and the first in the US is set to be constructed near the Port of LA, with construction set to get underway in 2023 to start supporting fleets next year. This station will serve as a pivotal enabler to the deployment of customer fleets of Einride Trucks, as well as being available to future Einride deployments and non-Einride fleets alike, given its ability to serve up to 200 vehicles.

The latest model of Einride’s autonomous vehicles, the Gen 2 Rigid Large, also was revealed. Based on key customer needs, the vehicle now has a larger cargo hold, updated optics form sensors, updated maximum speed and night vision capabilities - ultimately allowing for additional deployment use cases. The vehicle is set to be deployed at customer sites starting in 2023. The interface to operate Einride’s autonomous vehicles remotely, Remote Interface also received upgrades – with more adjustable settings and monitor setup that ensures optimal remote operator comfort, and a new flat pack construction allowing for easier manufacturing, scalability and set up on site.

Einride Saga to unlock new use cases

Einride Saga, the intelligent freight mobility platform, will now be made available to the broader shipper and carrier community, expanding beyond existing customers who ship their goods with Einride’s capacity services. Leading with the Explore capabilities, users will be able to generate and view operational KPIs, register and track progress to emission targets and get actionable operational insights for all shipping touchpoints, using data from across their transport ecosystem.

“As an industry leader in electric fleet operations, we have the unique advantage of leveraging our experience to make electric solutions more accessible,” said Linnéa Kornehed Falck, CMO, Deputy CEO and Founder at Einride. “Right now, making the transition to electric is vital and needs to be made easy and efficient, which is available today through Einride Saga as it enables our larger grid ecosystem to be more resilient.”

Crossing borders with autonomous and electric operations

The Nordic Link grid, one of four visualized at the event, unveiled Einride’s involvement in the MODI project, a €28 million project co-funded by the European Union and coordinated by ITS Norway. The project aims to support the roll-out of heavy duty autonomous transport in a wide variety of market applications by addressing standardizations, harmonization of regulations, user requirements and physical and digital infrastructure. Einride will serve as the leading autonomous partner for the duration of the 42-month project. A central part of the project is the Norwegian use case where an autonomous vehicle will cross country borders for the first time when Einride’s autonomous vehicle demonstrates operations on a selected portion of the E6 highway between Gothenburg, Sweden and Oslo, Norway.

The announcement of the MODI project complements a larger Norwegian expansion for Einride, with client PostNord set to deploy electric fleet operations in 2023. The fleet, which will be the largest heavy-duty electric freight fleet in Norway to date, will service routes in the Oslo region. Einride’s move into Norway follows its recent European market expansion into Germany.