BEIJING -- China's leading high-end, premium electric SUV, the HiPhi X, makes its debut at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. Designed and built by Human Horizons in Shanghai, the HiPhi X combines cutting-edge technical innovation, sustainable manufacturing and state-of-the-art design, to create the world's first continuously evolving super SUV. The event provides a new opportunity for Human Horizons to showcase some specific technical elements of HiPhi X, including a number of world-first innovations, which establish the company as a key player in the electrified era of intelligent mobility.

Known as the world's first touch-free, door handle-less production vehicle, the HiPhi X also includes numerous impressive global-first features, such as Level 4 Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP), a 5G-V2X communication network, the largest number of voice control functions on any production vehicle, and facial recognition entry.

The HiPhi X offers some of the industry's most advanced software capabilities. With the world's best in-car data transmission bandwidth, combined with cutting-edge, secure and developer-enabled 'HOA' electrical architecture, the HiPhi X is constantly evolving. The vehicle is capable of real-time, continuous monitoring of its systems, occupants and its surroundings, through 562 built-in sensors. Over-the-air updates enable continuous improvement opportunities for all vehicle systems and attributes including performance, UX interfaces and seat control.

The HiPhi X achieves a high-level of technical sophistication whilst maintaining visual aesthetics by following three guiding principles; 'design defined by scenarios, vehicle defined by software, and value defined by co-creation'. With its interdependence between hardware and software, HiPhi X is seen as being comparable to when smartphones replaced the previous generations of mobile phones.

With the launch models being sold directly at the Beijing Auto Show starting at RMB 800,000 for the four-seater and from RMB 680,000 for the six-seater, the HiPhi X community will start to be developed. Providing opportunity for this community to be a part of the experience, Human Horizons unveiled plans to build 37 HiPhi Centers. These are spaces for the integration of art, technology, and science, across 19 cities, opening throughout 2021. The Centers are designed as a place to bring the HiPhi enthusiasts together and encourage the customers to help define developments for HiPhi X and future vehicles.

Human Horizons announced its partnership with Microsoft at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in July 2020. The first AI application from this partnership in a smart vehicle, is also being launched at the Auto Show in the form of an AI assistant, named HiPhiGo. HiPhiGo has been specifically designed to obey voice commands, and provide a truly interactive, advanced AI for the driver. HiPhiGo has been developed to be creative; it can chat, write poetry, produce a painting, and edit videos.

World-first Level 4 fully autonomous vehicle parking system rolled-out on Human Horizons’ HiPhi X

Human Horizons  announced the rollout of its world-first Level 4 Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) system on the HiPhi X production vehicle. The launch comes after successful development and testing at the Shanghai research center and marks a milestone in advanced autonomous driving technology research.

Human Horizons Founder and CEO, Ding Lei noted, “Human Horizons leverages technology to enhance the driving experience and efficiency while prioritizing user safety for our projects. With this in mind, we seek to promote autonomous driving and launch V2X technology ready for mass-market application.”

The newly developed AVP delivers an advanced Level 4 autonomous driving experience based on the integration of vehicle and road-integrated technologies. Fixed sensory equipment such as lasers, radar and communications devices in parking areas can identify and track vehicle and obstacle positions, send this information via 5G to the vehicle and guide it to a safe parking space. Drivers will be able to exit their car anywhere in the parking area and leave the car to park itself autonomously. Upon returning, drivers will be able to summon the vehicle to their current location using a mobile app and drive away.

The integrated system of AVP can overcome the challenges autonomous vehicles face at underground parking lots with no GPS signal, blind spots and tight turning circles. This makes HiPhi X the industry leader in this area.

Equipped with this technology, the HiPhi X debuted at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, becoming the world’s first mass-produced smart electric vehicle to achieve Level 4 fully autonomous parking.

Aside from the AVP system, the newly-launched autopilot system of HiPhi X also puts user safety at the forefront of development. The system employs the same principles as aircraft safety design, using a dual-redundancy system meaning backup components ensure the reliability of the system even in the case of single-component malfunction. This system can start, stop, turn and drive the vehicle within a 0-130km/h speed range. This allows drivers to take their feet, hands, eyes and attention away from the road and is achieved by 24 sensors placed throughout the car (including smart front view and surround-view cameras, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar, driver status detection DMS cameras and more). This together with high-precision mapping technology allows HiPhi X to achieve L3 autonomous driving making it the first production model to achieve this in China.

In 2019, as part of its strategic blueprint of the Smart Vehicle, Smart Road and Smart City ecosystem, Human Horizons established the world's first smart-road capable of V2X driving in Yancheng, Jiangsu province. The team also launched a 5G vehicle-road-city integration demonstration project in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Park. With the launch of AVP and its application on parking lots and highways, Human Horizons’ vision of connected, autonomous and smart mobility is one step closer.

About the HiPhi Brand

HiPhi is a premium brand created by Human Horizons and enhanced by its users. HiPhi X is an EV with a lightweight hybrid- aluminum construction. It also embeds sustainability with the adoption of vegan leather and the use of recyclable materials to further increase the sustainable nature of Human Horizons' EV products.

About Human Horizons

Human Horizons is established for R&D in innovative and leading intelligent mobility technologies as well as the industrialisation of future-oriented smart vehicles. Furthermore, Human Horizons builds smart transportation technologies and contributes to the development of smart cities, which will redefine human mobility.