With over 20 years of experience in supplying technology solutions for the automotive industry, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. currently serves as the technology provider of choice for the global automotive industry, working alongside global automakers who are currently utilizing a broad portfolio of automotive solutions within the company’s Snapdragon® Digital Chassis™. Utilizing our ‘one technology roadmap,’ the Snapdragon Digital Chassis is uniquely positioned to accelerate the pace of innovation in the automotive industry. It supports automakers in meeting evolving consumer and enterprise demand for a seamlessly connected, intelligent experience that is safer, smarter and more immersive. At the same time, it is creating new opportunities for deeper customer engagement and services-based business models on the foundation of a highly scalable hardware-software co-designed architecture.

The Snapdragon Digital Chassis is comprised of a set of open and scalable cloud-connected platforms that utilize a unified architecture to support enhanced safety and immersive digital experiences that are updateable throughout the lifetime of next-generation vehicles. Automakers have the option to adopt any or all of these platforms across their line-up to offer highly customizable experiences with features that are continually upgradable via the cloud.

> Snapdragon Ride™ Platform – an open and programmable platform that addresses the full-spectrum of driver assistance and automated driving (AD) needs from New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) to L2+/L3; offering a scalable portfolio of system-on-chip (SoC) processors and accelerators for vision, central compute and high-performance AD needs; a turnkey Arriver™ based vision stack, a full set of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)/AD features and a flexible architecture that allows automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to bring their own Drive Policy, parking or driver monitoring stack, advanced navigation that can be integrated with Arriver Drive Policy elements. The platform also includes a full support for features, functional safety/SOTIF and system architecture competencies.

> Snapdragon® Cockpit Platform – provides automakers an opportunity to transform the in-car experience to create new services through highly customizable always-connected SoC and virtualized software solutions that create a multi-display, multi-camera, premium audio, video and multimedia experience with mixed criticality environments that support consumer and safety ecosystems concurrently and safely

> Snapdragon® Auto Connectivity Platform – allows automakers to meet the increasing demands of safer and more immersive driving experiences powered by LTE, 5G connected services, cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and precise positioning, all of which are designed to securely connect vehicles to the cloud, each other and the surrounding environment

> Snapdragon® Car-to-Cloud Services - provides automakers the ability to offer flexibility of features, performance upgrades and introduction of new functionality through pre-integrated software and services platforms designed for new monetization models

“Qualcomm Technologies understands automakers’ needs for uniqueness and differentiation as well as the tremendous opportunity to redefine the automotive and transportation business model. Through the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, we offer an array of open platforms to rapidly enable connected and intelligent experiences with enhanced safety features,” said Nakul Duggal, senior vice president and GM, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The Snapdragon Digital Chassis allows platforms to stay continually up-to-date with new capabilities after vehicle purchase, while allowing the automaker to create new features and services for enhanced customer engagement and services-based business models. We look forward to working with the automotive industry as well as our many partners to provide truly transformative innovations that are scalable, extensible and software-defined.”

The success of the Snapdragon Digital Chassis has been fueled by the growing demand for the breadth of its solutions portfolio and open platform which simplifies broad collaborations with leading automotive companies. Today at the 2022 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Qualcomm Technologies is pleased to share the broad industry support for its Snapdragon Digital Chassis.

“BMW has chosen Qualcomm Technologies as our technology partner and systems solutions provider based on the company’s breadth and depth of portfolio as well as proven expertise in compute, connectivity, computer vision, advanced semiconductors and driver assistance technologies,” said Nicolai Martin, senior vice president, driving experience, BMW Group. “We look forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies to build our next-generation ADAS/AD platform and continue delivering world-class driving experiences to our customers.”

“General Motors is moving quickly towards an all-electric future, deploying the world's most advanced technologies to improve our vehicles, expand our business and accelerate our transformation,” said Dan Nicholson, vice president, global electrification, controls, software and electronics, General Motors. “Our technology work with Qualcomm Technologies helps to provide rapid delivery of more extensive customer experiences, allowing greater connectivity for our customers. We look forward to deploying Qualcomm Technologies’ open and scalable cloud-connected platforms across a wide range of upcoming GM vehicles in the future.”

“Hyundai Motor Group has a clear vision for smart, aware and safe driving experiences, with digitally advanced connectivity technologies at the core of next generation vehicles,” said Haeyoung Kwon, vice president, Hyundai Motor Group. “Innovation and integration are at the heart of Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon automotive solutions as they enable premium experiences for our customers, including the company’s Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platforms, which not only delivers on innovation for the automotive industry, but capabilities to enable intelligent and connected vehicles of the future.”

“JiDU's is committed to create and design a human-centric, smart automotive robotic to save more space and time for people and to achieve more possibilities,” said Yiping Xia, chief executive officer, JiDU. “JiDU is the first automaker in China to announce the adoption of the 4th Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platform, and Qualcomm Technologies is the key technology provider to JiDU. With the Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions helping to bring the advancements for automotive, we believe that this working relationship will bring amazing product and premium experiences that exceeds our customers’ expectations. JiDU’s first production vehicles will set the bar for intelligent vehicle in 2023.”

“As the industry undergoes a digital transformation, highly advanced automotive solutions will be imperative in delivering premium driving experiences for our customers,” said Dinghua Zhou, general manager, R&D Center, JETOUR. “JETOUR remains committed to bringing safe, reliable and high-performance intelligent vehicles to consumers in the digital era. By working with Qualcomm Technologies and their Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions, JETOUR introduced the intelligent vehicles including X70 and X90 to provide enjoyable and personalized experiences to make our customers experiences better.”

“With technological advancements in connectivity and compute driving the digital transformation of the automotive industry, we are seeing the need for tech-enabled sophisticated vehicles than ever before,” said Velusamy R, chief of global product development, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. “Qualcomm Technologies and its Snapdragon Digital Chassis technologies played a pivotal role in providing a premium auto experience in the connected cockpit of the Mahindra XUV700. Our collaboration with expert partners comes from a single-minded focus, to provide superior technology aiding an enhanced automotive experience. We look forward to a continued work with Qualcomm Technologies and their Snapdragon automotive technologies.”

“In NIO, we always believe that users are the core of our product. As we look at the future of the automotive industry, we see digital technologies at its core. We aim to bring premium driving experiences through technological innovation and the work we’re doing with Qualcomm Technologies and Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions. We believe our work together on our next generation of automobiles will provide the satisfied experience to our users.”

“Consumer demand for sophisticated and advanced in-vehicle features continues to grow rapidly as drivers and passengers seek more personalization, comfort and enhanced safety features,” said Thierry Cammal, alliance group vice president, Renault Software Factory, Renault. “We believe our work with Qualcomm Technologies will be critical to not only redefine the automotive experience for our customers, but to also help meet these growing needs from our customers to have the latest technologies and features for premium in-vehicle experiences.”

“As a leading Chinese automobile manufacturer, XPeng understands the importance of computing and connectivity abilities to today's vehicles. Qualcomm Technologies’ multi-generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms helps XPeng’s products meet user expectations for premium in-car experience,” said Tao He, co-founder and senior vice president, XPeng. “In the future, we will continue to drive the adoption of next generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms on subsequent products of XPeng, bringing consumers a more intelligent, efficient, safe and comfortable driving experience.”

“Volvo Cars is a company that believes in collaborating with technology leaders like Qualcomm and Google to provide the best experience to our customers,” said Henrik Green, chief product officer, Volvo Cars. “With Qualcomm Technologies’ technology in our forthcoming fully electric SUV, our Google Android-based infotainment system will reach the next level of next-generation in-vehicle experiences.”

“We have valued our working relationship with Qualcomm Technologies to offer premium driving experiences in our next generation vehicles,” said Shihan Lin, vice president of product planning and smart system, WM Motor. “We look forward to continuing our work with Qualcomm Technologies and using the full potential of Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon Digital Chassis to continue offering intelligent and connected vehicles to our customers.”

“Z-One focuses on developing high added-value modules for intelligent vehicles, offering automakers with competitive cloud-to-device full-stack platform solutions. The Z-One Galaxy Full-Stack Solution 3.0 will redefine the intelligent vehicles from the underlying hardware, operating system, digital experience; this includes building the intelligent cockpit with rich scenes, and our solution coincides with the offering of the advanced Snapdragon Digital Chassis solution,” said Dr. Jun Li, deputy dean, SAIC Motor Technical Center and chief executive officer, Z-One. “We value the innovation Qualcomm Technologies brings to the automotive industry and look forward to adopting the company’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions to drive the rollout of Z-One Galaxy Full-Stack Solution 3.0 and creating a safer, more comfortable immersive in-vehicle experience, and aiding the transformation of driving experience.”