Cadillac. It’s a name synonymous with premium vehicles. From the smooth lines, prominent front hubs, and shiny chrome tri-grills of the 1939 Series 75 convertible to the iconic rear wings of the 1959 Series 62 convertible. From the first electric starter to the first use of airbags. From the first air conditioning system to the first integration of OnStar. For almost the entire course of automaking, Cadillac has existed at the nexus of luxury, design, and technology.

Now, alongside Qualcomm, Cadillac is entering a new era of transportation, one punctuated more by connectivity, safety, and sustainability than anything else. Powered by the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, the esteemed American automaker is at the vanguard of innovation with its all-electric SUV: the LYRIQ. We haven’t witnessed such a sweeping, sudden — and exciting — change in transportation since the first gas-powered automobiles replaced horses and buggies on our roadways.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive — the 2023 LYRIQ line is sold out, and Cadillac is already taking pre-orders for the 2024 model. Cadillac is well on its way to achieving its goal of electrifying its entire line of vehicles by 2030 and becoming the world’s EV luxury leader. Its collaboration with Qualcomm, which has placed the digital transformation of the automotive industry at the forefront of its diversification strategy, and utilization of various Snapdragon Digital Chassis technologies is a critical piece of that plan.

Snapdragon 4G and 5G automotive modems

The Snapdragon 4G and 5G automotive modems are an industry-leading telematics systems offering advanced connectivity with multi-gigabit low-latency speeds, while enabling vehicle location positioning functionalities and lane-level navigation accuracy for a safer driving experience. These Snapdragon solutions ensure that modern automobiles — including the Cadillac LYRIQ — are more secure, connected, intelligent, and location-aware than ever before. The Snapdragon Auto 5G Modem-RF also supports the Qualcomm Dead Reckoning 3 GNSS technology and Qualcomm Vision Enhanced Precise Positioning technology (VEPP), optimized to provide a highly accurate and comprehensive anytime/anywhere 3D navigation solution. 5G connectivity will also enable automakers like Cadillac and drivers to ensure their cars are up to date with the latest software. With help from Snapdragon, Cadillac vehicles will be smarter and more connected than ever before.

The Snapdragon Cockpit Platform

Think of the Snapdragon Cockpit Platform as the central processing hub of next-gen vehicles. Featuring enhanced graphics, multimedia, computer vision, and AI capabilities, the Cockpit Platform provides an integrated, upgradable, and contextually aware system that evolves in tandem with driver and passenger preferences. The Snapdragon Cockpit Platform is the engine that powers the LYRIQ’s impressive 33-inch LED display.

Long, sleek, and curving toward the driver on one continuous screen, the LYRIQ’s infotainment operating system can display more than one billion potential colors. The advanced LED display is artfully integrated into one screen that spans the full viewing area to deliver all the information (traffic updates, directions, etc.) and control (hands-free access to their favorite apps, music, podcasts, etc.) the driver needs in a fast, flexible, and personalized high-end user experience.

The LYRIQ also takes personalization to the next level, featuring an elegant and intuitive integration of exterior and interior lighting to create a choreographed sequence to greet drivers as they approach the vehicle. The interior features a 26-color LED spectrum, allowing the driver to customize lighting and pair them with various drive modes. These kinds of customizations are just the tip of the iceberg, but they represent a massive opportunity for Cadillac and Qualcomm — the LYRIQ is equipped to support over-the-air software updates, so drivers have the most advanced infotainment and performance technology at their fingertips. Anytime, anywhere.

Snapdragon Ride Platform

A key component of the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, the Snapdragon Ride Platform is an open, scalable, and modular computer vision stack built on an industry-leading 4-nanometer processing node. Snapdragon Ride enables front and surround view cameras for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), making the driving experience safer, when compared to standard vehicles, for drivers and everyone else on the road.

Snapdragon Ride processors power Super Cruise — the industry’s first truly hands-free driver assistance technology, which is available as an option on the LYRIQ. Leveraging precision LiDAR map data, Super Cruise uses real-time precise positioning, cameras, and sensors to ensure the vehicle stays in the center of the lane and maintains a safe distance to other objects (cars, motorcycles, bicyclists, scooter riders, pedestrians, etc.). Eighty-five percent of Cadillac’s current owner base says they’d prefer to have Super Cruise available on their next vehicle. (Celebs like Tiffany Haddish and Sofia Vergara love Super Cruise too.)

The Ultium EV Platform

Powered by the Ultium EV Platform, the LYRIQ offers a responsive and agile drive in an SUV body type. The battery pack is integrated into the underside of the LYRIQ chassis and enables a near 50/50 weight distribution that gives the car a lower center of gravity — perfect for a sporty and spirited drive (and one that’s available in all-wheel drive).

Like Cadillac, Snapdragon is synonymous with premium digital experiences. When Cadillac collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies. to utilize the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, it did so to deliver drivers and passengers a comprehensive set of cloud-connected automotive platforms for telematics and connectivity, computing, and driver assistance. And the LYRIQ makes one thing clear: together, Cadillac and Qualcomm are helping revolutionize the automotive industry. With Cadillac and Qualcomm, the in-vehicle experience is safer, smarter, and more connected than ever before. The future of transportation is in good hands.

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