>> New Volkswagen ID. Buzz with InnovizTwo LiDAR shown at Innoviz booth and Mobileye booth

>> 2024 BMW i7 with InnovizOne LiDAR is now available for order in Germany

TEL AVIV, Israel - Innoviz Technologies Ltd., a leading Tier-1 direct supplier of high-performance, automotive grade LiDAR sensors and perception software, presented live demonstrations of its latest LiDAR technology and showcased the BMW i7 and Volkswagen's ID. Buzz.

Autonomous Vehicles Powered by Innoviz

The BMW i7 and Volkswagen ID. Buzz on display at Innoviz's booth offered attendees the opportunity to see vehicles integrated with Innoviz's LiDAR solutions. The BMW i7 with level 3 autonomous driving capabilities enabled by the InnovizOne LiDAR is now available to order in Germany with deliveries expected to begin March 2024. The VW ID. Buzz is the light commercial vehicle program Innoviz referred to in its announcement in May 2023. VW and Innoviz have been working on an accelerated path utilizing InnovizTwo LiDAR for level 4 autonomous capabilities for this light commercial vehicle.

"We are thrilled to showcase our technology and our partners this year as we take great pride in the autonomous capabilities we provide our OEM customers," said Omer Keilaf, Innoviz Co-Founder and CEO. "Our partners are prioritizing safety by choosing our LiDAR technology which allows vehicles to see what humans and cameras cannot. It is our belief that our LiDAR ensures unparalleled protection for passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles on the road. Together, we are building a safer future. This CES, we are excited to offer attendees the opportunity to experience our technology and our vision, designed to ensure autonomous vehicles drive better than humanly possible."

Live Product Demonstration at the booth

Live demonstrations of Innoviz's LiDAR technology were offered to visitors at Innoviz's booth during show days. In addition to its second-generation, InnovizTwo LiDAR sensor, Innoviz showed a live demo of the Innoviz360, the most recent member of the high-performance Innoviz LiDAR family. Innoviz360 offers an improved performance and an innovative design that overcomes existing spinning LiDAR barriers that are limited in performance, expensive, and too large for most applications.

Test Driving the Future of Autonomy

Pre-scheduled test drives of Innoviz's LiDAR technology showcased the real-world performance and safety enhancements provided by Innoviz in automotive applications. Attendees were able to experience Innoviz's prime detection and imaging capabilities and had a firsthand look at how Innoviz's cutting-edge technology is shaping the future of autonomous driving and other solutions.


TEL AVIV, Israel - Innoviz Technologies Ltd., a leading Tier-1 supplier of high-performance, automotive grade LiDAR sensors and perception software, announced that it has been named a CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree for the all-new InnovizCore.

The CES Innovation Awards program is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in 29 consumer technology product categories. An elite panel of industry expert judges, including members of the media, designers, engineers, and more reviewed over 3,000 submissions based on innovation, engineering, functionality, aesthetic, and design. Those with the highest rating received the "Best of Innovation" distinction.

"This recognition from CES stands as a testament to our team's relentless dedication and unwavering commitment towards safe and affordable autonomous vehicle technology leadership," said Omer Keilaf, Innoviz's CEO and Co-Founder. "The path to advanced autonomy is developing quickly, and new cutting-edge technologies like the InnovizCore are a critical part of unlocking increasingly higher levels of autonomy. In addition to the functionality that it unlocks, InnovizCore is designed to be easily integrated, compact, and cost effective, and we are proud to receive this award for this outstanding product."

The InnovizCore is Innoviz's all-new compute module integrating AI, deep learning, and computer processing to ensure a safe driving experience for Level 2+ through Level 5 autonomous vehicles. InnovizCore includes a powerful system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor for executing computer vision algorithms that integrate Innoviz's perception software and all-new LiDAR-based Minimal Risk Maneuver (MRM) software, converting millions of pixels per second of raw point cloud data into real-time driving decisions.

The MRM is a fail-safe system that monitors the transition phase between autonomous and manual driving. While most MRM systems on the road today are powered by 2D camera solutions, Innoviz is working alongside its customer the BMW Group to co-develop the expected first-ever LiDAR-based MRM, bringing precise 3D imaging to this safety-critical application.