>> HERE powers BMW’s Connected Navigation Services with real-time traffic information delivered to drivers in 70 countries

BMW has selected HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, as its provider of real-time traffic information to BMW drivers in 70 countries. The multi-year agreement has HERE powering BMW’s Connected Navigation Services (CNS) available across BMW models.

HERE Real-Time Traffic can be found in the recently announced new BMW 7-Series, along with vehicles produced since 2020. Additionally, owners of approximately 750,000 BMW cars produced in 2018 and 2019 benefit from HERE Real-Time Traffic through an over-the-air update which included an automatic switch to HERE from the previous traffic provider.

BMW utilizes HERE Real-Time Traffic to provide its drivers with up-to-the-minute information on road conditions and incidents. The service delivers drivers detailed information on traffic congestion with lane-level precision and potential road hazards ahead, with auto re-routing capabilities, helping drivers stay safe and save time. With HERE data BMW drivers receive a predictive traffic forecast that can be used to plan trips on the My BMW App before they enter their car.

“We are proud to be selected by BMW as a global traffic provider. It is an important milestone as we continually enhance HERE Real-Time Traffic to help make driving safer and more comfortable for millions of drivers globally,” said Gino Ferru, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEAR at HERE Technologies. “Providing a precise ETA based on historic and predicted traffic conditions is a crucial part of today and tomorrow’s driving experience. HERE Real-Time Traffic is a critical component of our comprehensive portfolio of automotive solutions to serve the future of electric, connected and automated driving.”

HERE Real-Time Traffic aggregates and analyzes billions of data points from a sophisticated mix of sources, including high-quality vehicle sensor data from multiple automotive brands. The service provides information on lane closures and traffic flow for specific lanes, including high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. The result is best-in-class accuracy in the depiction of real-world traffic conditions, and a smarter and safer driving experience. The service is used by leading automotive OEMs, companies across the transport & logistics and mobility sectors, as well as by app developers around the world.


>> Intelligent “Learning Navigation” feature of BMW Maps uses cloud-based routing functionality from HERE for more personalized journeys

>> HERE Predictive Routing learns individual driving patterns to improve driving experience

>> HERE Predictive Routing is part of the company’s suite of connected driving services and solutions

HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, today announced its latest predictive routing capabilities are powering the innovative “Learning Navigation” feature of BMW Maps as part of the BMW Operating System 8.

HERE Predictive Routing gives in-car navigation an individual touch. The functionality learns an individual driver’s mobility patterns to improve and personalize the driving experience. The system applies the lessons learned from analyzing mobility patterns to generate predictions for upcoming journeys, departure times, destinations, and routes. HERE Predictive Routing also actively monitors traffic conditions along regularly taken routes. Based on the up-to-date road conditions and traffic environment, it will automatically offer alternative routes or departure times.

HERE pioneered predictive routing ten years ago. Since then, it has made the functionality available for mobile devices and vehicles for various OEMs. To ensure maximum accessibility, HERE now offers its predictive routing capabilities as a completely cloud-based solution, with BMW as the first customer to have deployed it in its vehicles.

“Predictive Routing clearly demonstrates innovation in the navigation space to enhance the driving experience and tailor it to make it more personal. It provides drivers with relevant information about their journeys ahead, especially on routine routes for which drivers normally wouldn’t need turn-by-turn navigation,” said Gino Ferru, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEAR at HERE Technologies. “We’re excited to see Predictive Routing be part of BMW Maps, improving the driving experience for BMW owners.”

HERE Predictive Routing is an integral part of the comprehensive connected driving offering from HERE. The offering consists of sophisticated off-the-shelf applications, connected services and SDKs based on the HERE platform. This portfolio enables the automotive industry to move beyond traditional infotainment business models into an era of on-demand and scalable navigation, with deep ADAS safety integration, comprehensive support for electrification, and recurring monetization opportunities through in-vehicle sensor data and e-commerce. The portfolio includes the HERE SDK for the development of custom-made navigation applications and HERE Navigation, the world’s first cloud-based software-as-a-service solution for navigation and connected services. Both HERE SDK and HERE Navigation include predictive routing functionality for the integration into vehicles and applications.