>> Drivers will now be able to enter what3words addresses directly into their in-car systems, allowing them to navigate to any destination

HERE and what3words have partnered up to offer the next generation of precision in-car navigation. OEMs using HERE Technologies can now include what3words as an in-car navigation feature, with drivers of enabled vehicles able to navigate to any precise 3-meter square using a what3words address.

HERE is the world’s leading navigation platform with its map data services found in 150 million vehicles worldwide. The platform offers industry-leading products designed to use the latest location content, such as road networks, buildings and traffic systems. The addition of what3words address entry means that drivers can experience the smartest mapping systems, alongside the break-through address system.

what3words is an innovative addressing system which has divided the world into a grid of 3-meter squares and given each square a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. For example, HERE’s Chicago office can be found at /// what3words enables people to easily convey locations as specific as building entrances or parking spots and it provides easy location references in places with no street addresses, such as beaches, parks and remote hiking trails.

Drivers can input a what3words address directly into their car head unit or connected car app, just as they would a street address or point of interest. Millions of what3words addresses are being used over the world, with drivers finding them in booking confirmations, guidebooks, website contact pages or in messages sent by friends. Drivers can also discover what3words addresses on the free what3words app or the online map. what3words’ technology has been adopted by global car companies, logistics providers and mobility apps, including Mercedes-Benz, Tata Motors, DB Schenker, Hermes and Cabify.

Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words says, “HERE is the richest, most accurate and freshest mapping system on the market and it now comes with the easiest way to communicate a location. Using a traditional address in a vehicle can be a bad experience. They are clunky and lengthy to type, and even a voice assistant will often mishear you. Once the address is accepted, it won’t take you to a precise location, such as the specific entrance you need, it’ll route you to where the pin drops - which is often the centre of the building.

By using what3words, drivers need simply to enter three words and know they will arrive at that precise 3-metre square. We are seeing increasing demand from automakers and mobility services. Now that we are embedded in HERE, we can enable our address system simply and easily in both new and legacy vehicles.”

“Our partnership with what3words is a solid example of how HERE continues to innovate in the area of navigation,” says Jørgen Behrens, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies. "Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can now provide the what3words service to their customers with the help of HERE Professional Services instead of having to integrate it themselves. This will allow drivers to navigate easily in dense, urban environments with non-standard addressing schemes or seamlessly get to any location, be it a local pub or a trailhead.”

Incorporating this new feature is easily done for both new and existing clients, with what3words available as an add-on to HERE’s core navigation products.