>> Cosworth is the leader in propulsion and intelligence solutions to multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace and marine

`>> Wejo is the pioneer of connected car data intelligence, which originated from motorsport telemetry

>> Cosworth to work on maximising Wejo benefits to drivers and car manufacturers

>> Cosworth’s renowned technical expertise to help Wejo bring advantages to mass market with improved driver feedback and real-time functionality from infotainment system

Wejo, the pioneering connected car data company, today announces an exciting new partnership with iconic automotive specialists Cosworth. Wejo is collaborating with Cosworth to identify and investigate intelligent mobility and vehicle data concepts which will help drive future innovations and enhance the overall experience for the benefit of drivers and car manufacturers.

Cosworth specialises in innovative propulsion and intelligence solutions, applying its vast knowledge and experience to the automotive, aerospace and marine industries. Cosworth’s solutions have long positioned the company at the forefront of automotive innovation, including a leading position in the field of telemetry and telematics. Given its experience at the pinnacle of motorsport Cosworth was chosen as technical partner by Aston Martin on its new Valkyrie hybrid sports car which has the world’s most powerful naturally aspirated road engine producing 1,000 bhp.

Among Cosworth’s products is AliveDrive, a camera, video, data capture and analysis app that offers real-time playback via a vehicle’s infotainment system. Cosworth is also leading the way in hybrid and emissions compliant propulsion solutions that are maintaining the company’s enviable 60-year reputation as trailblazers.

Wejo is the world’s leader of mobility intelligence with the consumer at the heart of everything it does. Its connected car data enables governments, companies, smart city providers and app developers to create innovative solutions to benefit drivers. Insights from Wejo’s data enable smarter, safer and more efficient journeys – from real-time information on the nearest available parking space to optimising road network signalling. Wejo has 18 million cars on its platform receiving updates every three seconds, all streaming through its proprietary technology platform, called ADEPT.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Richard Barlow, CEO of Wejo, said: “Wejo and Cosworth share the same desire to give drivers the best possible experience on the road and this partnership should enable us to really maximise the inherent value in connected car data.”

Hal Reisiger, CEO of Cosworth, said: “We are excited to partner with Wejo to put innovation at the heart of future mobility solutions. At Cosworth, we are embarking on a new chapter in our company’s history, one that will be driven by state-of-the-art propulsion and intelligence technology. This new partnership with Wejo fits the bill perfectly.”

About Wejo

Wejo is the consumer champion for motorists and is focused on empowering a range of driver benefits. It has 18 million connected cars on its platform, receives data every three seconds and has coverage of 95% of the US road network. Wejo has partnerships with General Motors, Daimler, Hyundai and Cosworth.