>> HERE provides Lotus Emeya with a comprehensive navigation experience with over-the-air update capabilities for maps and services tailored to EVs through its HERE Navigation application.

>> The HERE Navigation experience includes HERE’s EV Range Assistant package, including charge point POI search, machine learning-based charge point predictions, multi-stop routing, range-on-map, and range-on-route.

CES 2024, Las Vegas – HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, is extending its collaboration with Lotus to power Emeya, the car maker’s fully electric hyper-GT, with its HERE Navigation application.

The Lotus Emeya comes equipped with HERE Navigation’s EV Range Assistant package, including charge point POI search, multi-stop routing, range-on-map, and range-on-route. Additionally, HERE Navigation provides fresh and accurate maps, online and offline search, real-time traffic, and turn-by-turn voice guidance. All of these can be updated over-the-air to ensure that drivers have access to the freshest content and information.

Mitigating range anxiety

Taking the Lotus Emeya’s battery consumption model into account, HERE Navigation supports accurate battery range estimates while calculating the most optimal routes, with the most efficient number of charging stops. For the calculation of routes and ranges, road topography and geometry as well as historical and real-time traffic data are considered. Charge point information is provided by HERE EV Charge Points, a global database of EV charging locations, plug characteristics and near real-time availability.

The Lotus Emeya also includes Predictive Routing through HERE Navigation. Over time, the artificial intelligence-based (AI) feature learns individual driving patterns, such as regular departure times, destinations and routes, to offer a more personalized driving experience. The feature incorporates real-time information on traffic and road conditions for optimal routing and automatic route alternatives.

Through the HERE Software Development Kit (SDK), Lotus is also integrating navigation capabilities into the Lotus Hyper OS mobile application to deliver drivers a seamless, end-to-end navigation experience, which enables them to pre-plan trips and routes on their phone before stepping into their vehicle.

"Following the Lotus ELETRE’s utilization of the HERE Navigation application, we are proud to extend our technology collaboration to the new Lotus Emeya", said Jason Jameson, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at HERE Technologies. "HERE Navigation provides car makers with the flexibility, freshness and feature richness they need to provide their drivers with an advanced, differentiated and comprehensive navigation experience integrated with EV range management."

Maximilian Szwaj, Vice-President of Lotus Technology and Managing Director Lotus Tech Innovation Centre, commented: "The integration of HERE Navigation into Eletre’s award-winning Lotus Hyper OS infotainment system is a key element of the EV ownership experience for our customers, and so it’s natural that we extend our partnership on Emeya."


>> HERE offers road topography, temperature and wind data for improved EV on-route range calculations which enables OEMs to optimize battery consumption.

CES 2024, Las Vegas – HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, today announced HERE EV Range Factors aimed at reducing driver range anxiety with improved on-route battery range calculations.

Challenges of EV on-route range calculations

The ‘on-route, distance to empty' calculations for electric vehicles (EVs) are a complex challenge and are often a major contributor to range anxiety for consumers. There are various static and dynamic factors impacting EV range along a route, and many are not adequately captured and utilized in EV routing engines. Today’s EV predictions mostly use historical data from prior trips and do not consider real-time and predictive impacts that may or may not occur during the driver’s journey.

HERE provides critical location data to improve EV range calculations

HERE EV Range Factors helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) take the step beyond using only historical data toward predictive data, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the vehicle’s on-route range predictions. EV Range Factors is designed for automakers building their in-house routing solutions for EVs. By supplementing OEM routing solutions with HERE EV Range Factors, automakers can elevate the accuracy of their EVs' route-specific range predictions and further alleviate range-related anxiety.

HERE EV Range Factors

> Provides road topography data to help the vehicle understand changes to upcoming road elevation, slope, curvature and roughness. The data is available for 60+ countries.

> Leverages predictive outside ambient temperature data and road surface temperature data that significantly impact EV driving range.

> Incorporates predictive wind speed and direction near the road surface level.

Christopher Handley, Vice President of Dynamic Spatial Content at HERE Technologies said: "We're excited to introduce location technology designed to address the complexities of on-route battery range calculations for electric vehicles. By providing crucial data on road characteristics, temperature, and wind, we’re focused on providing drivers with the confidence and information they need for a hassle-free journey."

HERE EV Range Factors is planned to be commercially available mid of 2024. Road topography data is available today in 60+ countries, and temperature and wind coverage have been initially planned for Europe and North America.