>> From complete solutions for automotive architecture including new capabilities for virtual ECU development to leading-edge in-vehicle experiences, the company’s innovative software allows carmakers to accelerate development of next-generation mobility

ERLANGEN, Germany – At CES 2024, Elektrobit showcased its 360° offering for software-defined vehicle (SDV) enablement, from automotive architecture and virtual development solutions to leading-edge digital cockpits that provide the ultimate in-vehicle user experiences. The company’s innovative software and services—reflecting decades of experience and spanning a wide range of solutions road-tested in more than 600 million vehicles and over 5 billion embedded devices—allow carmakers to accelerate the development of their next-generation vehicles.

"Our goal is to make it easier for carmakers to develop the complex systems that are required for software-defined mobility. Elektrobit provides products and services from a single vendor to simplify the process, and we work closely with legacy OEMs, industry newcomers and tech leaders alike to make their visions a reality. Our software truly moves the world," said Mike Robertson, chief product officer, Elektrobit.

At Elektrobit’s booth, CES attendees wwere able to see and experience how Elektrobit software is transforming vehicles, from the ground up. Demonstrations will include:

> Interactive Automotive Operating System (OS) framework: get a one-of-a-kind, holistic view of the inner workings of an SDV, managed by Elektrobit’s award-winning operating system. Elektrobit software is designed to reduce complexity of Automotive OS projects while enabling safety and security today and over the life of a vehicle. This demo features the latest version of the EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu operating system, a central product in the company’s strategy to expand its commitment to open-source software and other collaborative efforts. Elektrobit’s work in enabling carmakers’ Automotive OSes has received industry accolades including recognition last month by Frost & Sullivan, which presented it with the 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Excellence in Best Practices in the Global Automotive OS industry.


> Next-gen digital cockpit: a stunning, curved-screen display sets the stage for a truly immersive, in-vehicle experience, powered by Unreal Engine and Android Automotive and featuring innovations such as the recently announced Elektrobit Theming Engine. Elektrobit software and services have helped carmakers—including industry newcomer Sony Honda Mobility with its AFEELA prototype—realize their visions.

> Cloud-based ECU virtualization with AWS: learn about the latest capabilities for cloud-based virtual development, validation and testing, both in the Elektrobit booth as well as the adjacent AWS booth. Elektrobit’s virtualized environment enables ECU development using less hardware to speed up the process with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

> Security by design: a demonstration of state-of-the-art approaches to security and handling automotive cybersecurity threats, along with Elektrobit’s subsidiary Argus. The company will show its end-to-end approach to security—from ECU to the cloud—and how its software plays a fundamental role in connected vehicles from development into production and throughout the life of the vehicle.

> Partner ecosystem: learn about Elektrobit’s extensive network of partners and consortia the company is working with to enable the future of mobility. At CES, in addition to AWS, Sony Honda Mobility will be featuring Elektrobit software in the AFEELA prototype and Continental will be incorporating Elektrobit software in its Software Defined Vehicle concept car.