Volkswagen is entering a new era of mobility

The third great chapter in the history of Volkswagen starts with the ID.30102. Just like the first Beetle and the Golf Mk1, the all-electric compact car represents the start of a new era: it is the first electric car to offer unrestricted everyday usability while at the same time being affordable for millions of customers.

The modular electric drive matrix (MEB) on which the ID.3 is based serves as the technical foundation for the electric offensive and will permit realisation of many more electric models. The MEB fully exploits the possibilities offered by a fully electric drive: it provides the ID.3 with a very generously sized interior, powerful driving performance and ranges of up to 549 km (in WLTP). The fast charging capability is another strength when driving long distances.

Large battery and rear-wheel drive. The high-voltage battery is installed low down in the underbody, ensuring a low centre of gravity and agile handling. The electric drive motor drives the rear wheels, resulting in excellent traction. The motor recuperates energy when the vehicle is braked and feeds this back into the battery. The wheels are aerodynamically optimised and have a diameter of 18 to 20 inches, while the tyres have only low rolling resistance.

New design for a new era. The revolutionary character of the ID.30102 is already clear at first glance. The exterior design of the car is both soft and flowing as well as firm and concentrated, it trusts in strong proportions and does without any superfluous trim elements. The ID.3 is a car for sustainable mobility and is a true Volkswagen at the same time.

The interior is also revolutionary. As a characteristic design feature of the new ID. models, the ID.3 has short overhangs and a very long wheelbase. This results in the Open Space – the large, airy interior sets new standards in the compact class. The cockpit has a clean and concentrated appearance. The ID. Light beneath the windscreen visually communicates with passengers. The ID.3 is largely operated via the multifunction steering wheel, the central 10-inch touchscreen or the “Hello ID.” intelligent voice control.

A completely new electronics platform. The electronics platform of the ID.3 has been newly designed from scratch. Two high-performance computers bundle a large number of functions, and the software is designed to be highly flexible like on a server. This makes it easy to download updates to the car, and in future also function upgrades, via a mobile network. The services of We Connect Start connect the car to the owner’s smartphone, allow control of charging and air conditioning, supply traffic information and also display live data about charging stations on the navigation map. App Connect (standard) permits media streaming via a smartphone.

Launch with two model variants. The ID.3 will be launched on the markets with two model variants, which differ with respect to the installed battery. The ID.3 Pro Performance, which will cost from 35,574.95 euros, is the perfect all-rounder for everyday driving and leisure activities. Its battery offers a net energy capacity of 58 kWh and a range of up to 426 km (WLTP). The electric drive motor delivers 150 kW (204 PS); a variant with 107 kW (146 PS) will follow later. The ID.3 Pro S comes with a battery with a net energy capacity of 77 kWh, a range of up to 549 km (WLTP) and a power output of also 150 kW (204 PS). Its basic price: 40,936.31 euros. Customers in Germany can additionally deduct a gross grant of 9,480 euros from these prices. What is more, the running costs are significantly below the level of a conventional car.

Seven equipment variants. The clearly structured range makes it quite simple to configure the ID.30102 on the Volkswagen website: customers can configure their dream car in only a few clicks. For the sales launch of the ID.3, the Pro Performance and Pro Sare available in seven fixed configurations which include the most popular equipment options. This solution makes the offering even more transparent for customers, and the factory in Zwickau can build and deliver the cars particularly quickly.

Equipment with high-tech character. The equipment options for the ID.3 come from the areas of design, infotainment, convenience, assistance and sport. They include high-tech features such as the augmented reality head-up display, which projects important information onto the windscreen so that it appears to be three-dimensional. Travel Assist controls the distance to the vehicle in front and keeps the car in its lane. The LED matrix headlights provide an intelligently controlled main beam. If the ID.3 is unlocked by Keyless Access, its light module briefly swivels and welcomes the driver.

Carbon-free operation. All ID.3 models can be charged with alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). When using direct current with a power rating of 125 kW, the ID.3 Pro S can be charged for a distance of a good 350 km in just 30 minutes. When on the road, the We Charge charging service provides access to more than 150,000 charge points in Europe. In the garage at home, the ID. Charger – the home charging station available in three variants – ensures convenient charging. Operation of the ID.3 is climate-neutral with Volkswagen green electricity from 100% renewable sources. Its production process already has a carbon-neutral balance.