>> New Opel Corsa-e: offers electric driving range of 330 kilometres (WLTP1)

>> Powerful: 100kW (136hp) in every Corsa-e

>> Active safety: systems include adaptive speed assistance

>> Bright idea: IntelliLux LED® matrix light for first time in small car segment

Rüsselsheim. Opel goes electric. With the all-new, sixth generation Corsa, the German carmaker is offering for the first time a battery-electric version with a range of 330 kilometres (WLTP1, provisional figure). Opel has chosen the brand’s most popular model to finally bring electric mobility out of its niche-existence. The Opel Corsa is an absolute bestseller. More than 13.6 million units have been produced since the world premiere in 1982. The Corsa has made millions of people mobile; now it is offering them access to emission-free driving. The order books for the sixth-generation Corsa will open in a few weeks, beginning with the Corsa-e, followed by the diesel and petrol versions.

Impressive data: 100kW (136hp) power output, 330 km range

Opel has been producing cars for 120 years and has always made technology available to a wide audience of car buyers. The new Corsa-e offers state-of-the-art electric mobility. With a range of 330 km according to WLTP1, the five-seat Corsa-e is suitable for unconstrained every-day use. The 50 kWh battery can be fast-charged to 80 per cent of its capacity in 30 minutes. The Corsa-e is prepared for all charging options – via cable, wallbox or high-speed charging – and the battery is covered by an eight-year warranty. The state-of-charge can be checked with the “myOpel” app, so that charging times and costs can be optimized at all times.

Furthermore, the range can be adapted by the driver, who can choose from three driving modes – Normal, Eco and Sport. Sport increases responsiveness and driving dynamics, with a moderate loss of driving range. In Eco mode the Corsa-e becomes a long-distance runner, significantly increasing the range while hardly affecting comfort.

The Corsa-e’s propulsion system combines emission-free driving with a maximum “fun-to-drive” factor. Thanks to the 100kW (136hp) power output and a maximum 260 Nm of instantaneous torque, the highlights include responsiveness, agility and dynamic performance. The Corsa-e needs only 2.8 seconds2 to sprint from zero to 50 km/h, only 8.1 seconds2 from zero to 100 km/h – a match for sports cars.

The Corsa-e also looks dynamic thanks to its sporty design, while the compact exterior dimensions of previous generations are retained. With a length of 4.06 metres the Corsa remains an agile, practical and well-arranged five-seater. The roof line is coupé-like, 48mm lower than its predecessor’s, without detriment to headroom. The driver sits 28mm lower. Handling and driving dynamics benefit from the lower centre of gravity. The handling is responsive and dynamic, for more fun behind the steering wheel. The modern interior with fully digitalised cockpit can even be upgraded with leather seats.

Multimedia systems with “Opel Connect” telematics service

New infotainment systems keep the new Corsa’s drivers and passenger fully connected. The Multimedia Navi with 7.0-inch colour touchscreen, as well as the top-of-the-line Multimedia Navi Pro with 10.0-inch colour touchscreen, also offer the new “Opel Connect” telematics service. Helpful functions, such as Live Navigation with real-time traffic information, as well as direct connection with roadside assistance and emergency call, give additional peace of mind to drivers and passengers.

Safety first: IntelliLux LED® Matrix light, side blind-spot assist, flank guard

Technologies and assistance systems that are more often found in higher market segments make their debut in the Corsa-e. The top features include the adaptive, glare-free IntelliLux LED® matrix light that Opel offers for the first time in the small car segment. The eight LED elements, controlled by a newest-generation high-resolution front camera, continuously adapt the light beam to the prevailing traffic situation and the surroundings. Advanced driver assistance systems provide tangible additional safety. Thanks to the new front camera traffic sign recognition now detects additional information, such as LED signs. The speed limits saved in the system are also shown in the display.

Radar supported adaptive speed control and sensor-based flank-guard celebrate their premiere in the new Corsa. Side blind-spot assist and a variety of parking assistants are also available.


>> Charging at home: from household socket to wallbox

>> Charging on journeys: high-speed charging is standard

>> Charging everywhere: with the “universal charging cable” at every charging station

>> Via remote control: efficient travel with e-Services and the myOpel app

Rüsselsheim. Europe’s energy infrastructure is extremely diverse, with a wide variety of power supply grids offering different charging options. Owners of the Corsa-e, which can already be ordered and will be available from spring 2020, do not need to be concerned. Opel offers tailor-made charging options for the purely battery-electric Corsa-e ranging from diverse cables for plugging into sockets and charging stations to a selection of wallboxes and an innovative “universal charger“. Access to multiple charging options is as important as the quickest charging times. The Corsa-e ensures both with powerful on-board chargers.

Three-phase 11 kW on-board charger enables fast charging

In Germany, the Corsa-e from Edition upwards is equipped as standard with a three-phase 11 kW on-board charger. In countries where a three-phase household connection is less common, a single-phase 7.4 kW on-board charger is alternatively available. This comes as standard with the Corsa-e Selection. In addition, the standard equipment in every trim variant of the Corsa-e enables the use of fast-charging stations up to 100 kW.

In addition to powerful on-board chargers, the Corsa-e is ready for all charging options – from household sockets and wallboxes to high-speed charging at public charging points. Customers who prefer the most convenient option of immediate and effortless recharging at home use the standard “mode 2 cable” for the normal 1.8 kW household socket. This comes with the cable that fits the energy infrastructure of the market. Opel customers can choose from various chargers in the accessories range to speed up the process.

When travelling, various “mode 3 cables” optimally tailored to the on-board chargers on offer are available for public charging. They are six metres long and thus enable access to public charging points even if parking is not available right next to them. In around 90 minutes, a range of approximately 100 kilometres can be added, while a full charge takes about five hours and 15 minutes (wallbox/public charging with 11 kW).


One for all, or: the Swiss army knife of charging equipment

The “universal charging cable” combines the functions of mode 2 and mode 3 cables as well as a wallbox in one device. With its adapters, this mobile charging device can be connected to almost all household sockets and public charging stations. All you need at home is a conventional power socket to charge with up to 11 kW. The “universal charging cable” is thus ideal for customers who normally charge their car overnight at home but also want to occasionally make longer trips and then must “fill up” on the road. In these cases, they simply take their “universal charging cable” along and are equipped for every situation.

DC (direct current) charging stations are even faster. They are often installed along motorways. At up to 100 kW charging power, after just 12 minutes range is extended by 100 kilometres. In less than 30 minutes, the battery can be recharged to 80 per cent of its capacity.

While driving the Corsa-e, the current battery state-of-charge, energy consumption and range can be monitored on a separate menu displayed on the infotainment screen at the touch of a button.

Practical, easy, reliable: e-Services for Opel’s electric vehicles

To make driving in the new Opel Corsa-e even more convenient and relaxed, the infotainment systems Multimedia Navi and Multimedia Navi Pro as well as Free2Move Services, the Groupe PSA mobility brand, offer dedicated solutions for electrified vehicles. These are easy to use via apps. For instance with the myOpel app, range and charging status can be checked and the charging start time at a wallbox at home can be programmed. Using “intelligent charging“, charging can be immediately started or set for a later time, when electricity is cheaper. Another comfort plus: Corsa-e owners can also conveniently preselect air conditioning and heating from the couch using the remote control.

One of the Free2Move services available on request is the “Charge My Car” charging pass, which enables access to over 110,000 charging points in Europe via the Free2Move app. To make it easier for customers to choose the right charging point, Free2Move Services makes a preselection based on the distance to the charging point, the charging speed and the charging price of the possible public charging options.

In addition, Free2Move Services offers a trip planner that also takes into account the location of the charging stations along the route and thus calculates the optimum route guidance. If the route is sent from the app to the navigation system, networked navigation guides the driver directly to the selected charging station and always shows the best route via the up to ten-inch colour touchscreen (with Multimedia Navi Pro). This avoids unnecessary stops or loss of time in the search for the next charging option. Instead, the app provides drivers and passengers with a realistic forecast of their estimated journey or travel time to their destination before they even start. In the coming months, further e-Services for Opel's electric vehicles will follow.