Today, Renault is writing a new chapter in the history of the brand with the Mégane eVision – an innovative show-car that is not only visionary but also aspirational. It foreshadows the latest in the line of electric vehicles, based on the entirely new modular CMF-EV platform.

The Mégane eVision makes the most of what the new platform designed by the Alliance has to offer. This dynamic hatchback features one of the thinnest batteries on the market and a new ultra-compact powertrain offering more roominess. Its sophisticated features and the lighting signature accentuate the modern look of the car, which breaks the existing codes of electric vehicles when it comes to use, size and design, as well as energy efficiency.

This vehicle of tomorrow will very soon become a reality, with the production model of the show-car set to be introduced in 2021.

The Mégane eVision symbolizes the reinvention of the core market at Renault. It represents the future of the ‘compact’ category, in which it is firmly anchored by its habitability and interior dimensions. The Mégane eVision continues the history of the Mégane, the flagship model of Renault’s compact range for 25 years, and firmly establishes it in the modern world.

This show-car embodies the first step in a breakthrough that is at once emotional (design), innovative (interior) and technological (electric), which comes at a time when customer needs are also changing. With it, Renault continues its role as an innovator and creator of cars for living. It does so by further improving what has always been the strength of the Mégane, a benchmark in its segment: driving pleasure, comfort and serenity. And by adding major new features, such as the "favorite" design, a new interior length and all the advantages of electric powertrains.

In this way, Renault claims continuity with its history and the successes carried by the Mégane name. It offers its vision of a future that can already be touched with a fingertip and that will be accessible to all.

“Thanks to our brand-new Alliance platform CMF-EV, we broke the rules of size, use, design and energy efficiency to imagine the Mégane eVision show-car. We fully leveraged the potential of pure electric platform to re-invent the classical hatchback in an emotional way. With the thinnest battery on the market, a 4,21 meters compact body offering the roominess of a C-segment vehicle, The Mégane eVision is a masterpiece of packaging! We took our 25-year best-seller and took it to the future. Mégane eVision reinvents Mégane, and Renault reinvents Renault. This is just the beginning; a whole new generation of innovation-packed electric vehicles is to come.” Luca De Meo, CEO, Groupe Renault

New range and upcoming services

The Mégane eVision show car will give birth to a vehicle only available with an electric engine. It is not intended for a single need or usage. Rather, it marks the beginning of a new Renault range of dynamic and versatile electric vehicles that will increasingly be in line with different uses and lifestyles. At a time of environmental awareness, this future range featuring the latest technologies and innovations in terms of batteries and charging is designed to appeal to an ever-expanding public.

This latest generation of vehicles will feature cutting-edge connected services, and will be part of an overall improvement in the electric ecosystem to support users and their needs, as well as society as a whole, in the energy transition.

For instance, it will play a role in the development of smart charging to support the stability of the electrical grid and help users reduce their costs. The car’s connectivity allows charging to be triggered at the right time to avoid overloading the grid and promote the use of renewable energy. V2G (vehicle-to-grid) is another technology currently in development which allows any parked car that is charging to transfer part of the electricity from its battery to the grid.

CMF-EV: a modular electric platform

Renault’s future all-electric vehicles will be built on the new modular CMF-EV platform designed by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, making each new model easier to manufacture with increased and optimised electric performance.

The CMF-EV platform has many advantages that set it apart from a traditional platform used for internal-combustion or mixed electric/internal-combustion engine vehicles. For example, it has a smaller engine compartment, since electric engines are more compact than their diesel and petrol counterparts. The extended wheelbase and wheels located at the four corners of the vehicle offer greater roominess and a more aesthetic design.

With breakthrough technologies and more powerful batteries, the CMF-EV platform will provide the customers of the future with increased driving range and reduced charging time. The sophisticated frame and low centre of gravity with the battery fitted in the floor also boost responsiveness and driving pleasure.

This new milestone in the development of Groupe Renault's expertise in electric vehicles will result in new synergies with the Alliance partners and greater economies of scale.