>> Three OpelConnect packages: Connect ONE, Connect PLUS and Connect PREMIUM

>> Always on-board: Connect ONE with eCall and roadside assistance as well as vehicle status and information

>> Diverse services at introductory price: Connect PLUS from €6 per month & €60 per year

>> Coming soon: Connect PREMIUM to complete offer soon

Rüsselsheim. Cars that are engaging to drive and accessible to a wide clientele – that is Opel. The brand with the Blitz applies the same ambition to its technologies and services; they must be safe, practical and easy to use. Opel has therefore now revised its numerous connected services for all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, and bundled them in three transparent packages: Connect ONE and Connect PLUS are available now, while Connect PREMIUM will follow soon.

The advantage for customers is that they can activate the cleverly bundled packages with a few clicks via the myOpel app or the OpelConnect store, instead of having to activate various services individually. In addition, the offer is enhanced by many new services – from the EV Trip Planner for electric vehicles such as the new Opel Astra Electric or Opel Corsa Electric, to the practical remote-control function that makes it easier to find parked vehicles. The services are available at a particularly attractive introductory price and are valid with immediate effect for all new vehicle orders placed after July 3.

Connect ONE: Peace of mind package without extra charge

The Connect ONE package includes the eCall for emergencies and B-Call for roadside assistance. By pressing and holding the B-Call button, the roadside assistance service is informed, which first asks for all the information required for an initial remote diagnosis and then sends the recovery service if necessary.

In addition, drivers receive reports on the vehicle status and information about the condition of various vehicle systems, from the drivetrain to the brakes, tyre pressures and on-board electronics via the myOpel app. If a warning message is issued, the user can request an appointment from a dealer. The complete Connect ONE package is included with the purchase of the vehicle and is valid for 10 years; eCall and B-Call are active without extra charge for the entire life of the car.

Connect PLUS: Comprehensive services without extra charge for first six months

Connect PLUS offers a complete package with a wide range of services, from connected navigation and vehicle functions via app to new services especially for electric models –without extra charge for the first six months. In this way, customers can test the advantages of the different services and then decide later whether they want to continue using the package. Anyone who opts for an annual subscription during the test period will enjoy an additional benefit: the complete Connect PLUS package is then available for a limited period at the attractive entry-level price of only €60 per year or €6 per month without navigation system (usually €80/€8) and €100 per year or €10 per month (instead of €120/€12) with navigation services (all RRP including VAT in Germany). The Connect PLUS services include:

Live Navigation:

> Live Navigation includes live traffic and weather information, a point-of-interest search and a parking space finder. In addition to the normal route planning, which can be set via the app and then sent to the navigation system, there is a new EV Trip Planner for electric models. Charging time, live traffic and vehicle compatibility are considered in order to calculate the best route including the necessary charging stops. In addition, filling stations and charging stations can be localised. Depending on the model, drivers can simply communicate with their navigation system using natural speech recognition; monthly map updates are carried out over-the-air for the first time without additional tools.

Remote Control and E-remote Control:

> The doors can be unlocked and locked and the headlights or horn activated via smartphone. This helps when locating your own vehicle in a large parking lot. The app can also be used to check whether the car is actually locked.
Drivers of electric Opel models can use E-remote to start and stop charging via an app. The myOpel app can also be used to create and set charging plans and timetables for pre-conditioning the vehicle.

> Connected Alarm:

This new service is expected to be available as of the end of 2023 and can be activated for all vehicles that are factory-equipped with an anti-theft alarm system and a OpelConnect box. If the alarm is triggered, push notifications in the app provide detailed information about the vehicle, the date and time, and the reason for the alarm.

Additional OpelConnect services are expected to follow soon and will be presented in the Connect PREMIUM package.

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