"With New Lancia Ypsilon, the first car of the new era of the brand, we are relaunching, starting again from Italy. Its design is inspired by the brand glorious past, now reinterpreted in a modern way. The model represents the ultimate expression of onboard comfort and design, featured by category-leading technology and connectivity yet always simple and intuitive, in perfect Lancia style. This result was also achieved thanks to the collaboration with Cassina, that together with our Centro Stile in Turin designed a true living room, inspired by the welcoming Italian homes" stated Luca Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand.

NEW LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA – available in Italy in 1906 certified and numbered units as a tribute to the year Lancia was founded – cements the bond between two outstanding brands in their respective sectors: automotive and interior design. It represents the next steps in a journey that began with the interiors of the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept car: the two brands are linked by shared values such as a vocation for research and innovation, respect for their past and tradition, as well as attention to environmental issues.

Combining tradition and innovation in line with the brand’s pure and radical design language, New LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA is the first car inspired by the world of Italian furnishings. It epitomizes design, comfort, and onboard well-being.

The model reflects the utmost attention to every stylistic detail, from the selection of the materials to the choice of colors: blue is used as the iconic hue of Lancia tradition, appearing both inside the car and out. A soft blue velvet in 100% recycled yarn envelops the seats with "cannelloni" pattern and double stitching, with the same color echoed in the accents on the door panels and dashboard creating an elegant and coordinated interior space.


Lancia blue also features in the model's unique, elegant, and contemporary bodywork: it blends in with the black of the alloy wheels and their dark dressing, resulting in a refined and uniform visual impact, with no chrome plating.

Another of the greatest hallmarks of the New LANCIA YPSILON EDIZIONE LIMITATA CASSINA is the Cassina multifunctional "tavolino", a new design element made of bio-based plastic that emphasizes the brand’s manufacturing experience. It is the first "tavolino" seen inside a car, used by Lancia to create a welcoming and hospitable space in line with its historical values. The passenger compartment therefore becomes an authentic ‘living room,’ to guarantee the comfort typical of Italian homes: a harmonious and elegant space.

The Italian spirit, comfort and reinterpretation of tradition are among the values that have guided the two brands in this journey of collaboration, where reinterpretation of tradition means redesigning the Lancia tradition using innovative recycled and recyclable materials, as in the main components in the recreation of a ‘living room.’ One example is the new use of a historic and iconic material such as "Panno" Lancia, now given a new identity through a contemporary material: velvet, used in the seats and their backrests with a "cannelloni" pattern. The rest of the structure is made of recycled PVC. Electric, massaging, and heated seats make them veritable armchairs to maximize in-car well-being, also ensured by the great acoustic comfort.

Powered by a 100% electric motor, the model offers a range of up to 403 km in the WLTP combined cycle, with fast charging to increase the car’s battery level from 20 to 80% in just 24 minutes, or enough for 100 km in 10 minutes. The New Lancia Ypsilon is supported by Free2move Charge, a complete and integrated 360° ecosystem that aims to provide uninterrupted car charging and energy management, to fulfill all customer requirements at home or on the road.

The New Lancia Ypsilon reinterprets with a modern twist the historic front grille, now revisited using three rays of light. It also highlights the Lancia lettering on all future models, the iconic round LED taillights – inspired by the legendary Lancia Stratos, the innovative S.A.L.A. (Sound Air Light Augmentation) infotainment system, a pillar of Lancia’s effortless technology, together with Level 2 autonomous driving, to travel out of town more safely and with a simplified in-car experience.

The New Lancia Ypsilon is a smart city car. The parking assistance system makes the car easier to drive and maneuver in the city, courtesy of cameras and front and rear sensors that facilitate parking. The two 10.25" screens (instrument cluster and digital radio) clearly display driver information and can be customized in terms of both layout and colors. The tech specs are completed by the keyless entry and start system and, for those who can’t tear themselves away from their personal device, a wireless phone charger and Bluetooth Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.

The New Lancia Ypsilon represents the first step in the Renaissance of the brand, whose clear and ambitious electrification strategy is proceeding in line with the Stellantis "Dare Forward" strategic plan.

New Design Language for the Bodywork

The new Lancia Ypsilon is the first production car to apply Lancia Pu+Ra Design (the name a combination of ‘pure’ and ‘radical’), the one-of-a-kind Lancia design language destined to last over time. Emphasizing the combination of tradition and innovation, the model brings the brand into the new era using vocabulary untypical for the automotive industry: the volumes are created by superimposing successive layers, adding and intersecting basic and iconic shapes. The bodywork features the soft, elegant pure, and sensual shapes of the Aurelia and Flaminia, combined with the most modern expressions of radicalism inspired by the brand’s sporting history, embodied by the renowned Stratos and Delta, and by the language of architecture, furnishings, and fashion.

The reference to the brand’s most brutal soul emerges clearly in the car’s rear, which features the greatest lighting system in the segment in terms of technology and extent. New Lancia Ypsilon includes iconic round full-LED headlights, recalling the unforgettable Lancia Stratos, a legendary model in the world of rallying. The two headlights now contain a new design element, the letter Y, an extreme symbolic synthesis arranged horizontally within the circumferences, framing the new Lancia lettering. The Y is made with a brushed stainless-steel finish, marked out by the original font inspired by one of the outstanding Italian industries most closely linked to the brand’s history, fashion, the hallmark of the brand’s future to increase its appeal and constant contemporaneity.

An ideal conversation between purity and radicalism, also emphasized by the Ypsilon lettering that appears on the rear, the ‘handwritten’ characters are inspired by iconic and historic Lancia cars that symbolized purity, such as the Fulvia, Flavia and Flaminia.

The new lettering also features on the glossy black front, inspired by the Lancia Beta Montecarlo. The Lancia inscription stands out above a modern reinterpretation of the historic grille, the ‘chalice’, taken forward into the future by the futuristic three rays of LED light that make it iconic, memorable, and recognizable from afar, both day and night. This double signature of ‘chalice lettering’ is due to appear on the front of all three of the brand’s new models: a ‘chalice of light’ that virtually embraces the brand name and clearly marks Lancia’s new identity as it enters the electric era.

Another feature is the refinement of the new logo, a Progressive Classic element marking the brand’s entry into electric mobility, reworking all the hallmarks of the historic brand – the steering wheel, flag, shield, lance, and inscription – in a reinterpretation with a modern twist to drive them ahead into the future. All these constituent elements of the brand symbolize Lancia’s nobility and heritage, simplified in terms of lines and shapes, and positioned in a new balance that expresses innovation, premium positioning, and the Italian spirit, with a touch of eclecticism added by the asymmetrical lance.

Effortless Technology for a Best-in-Class City Car

The New Lancia Ypsilon is a smart city car that stands out in the urban environment for its ease of driving, handling, and series of best-in-class features. Indeed, the New Lancia Ypsilon embodies the brand’s vision in terms of technology and infotainment. Lancia technology is user-friendly, effortless, and intuitive, to facilitate the customer in-car experience, welcoming them in and making them "feel at home", wherever they are.

The pillar of this concept is S.A.L.A., a virtual and intelligent interface that includes the essential parameters to create a comfortable driving experience, in perfect Lancia style. In Italian, SALA means ‘living room’, but in this case it stands for Sound Air Light Augmentation, an infotainment system that brings together the audio, climate control and lighting functions. The driver and passengers can therefore adjust the interior environment at the mere touch of a button.

The car’s audio system was specially created by a Lancia sound designer. The air conditioning system is fitted with a high-efficiency filter that can remove up to 99% of harmful particles, for a healthier and more comfortable passenger compartment. The in-car lighting can be fully customized by merely tapping the display, to create an exclusive atmosphere in combination with the ambient lighting function.

The S.A.L.A. system means the New Lancia Ypsilon ‘living room’ can adapt to the mood at the time, immediately changing the music, air, and light inside the passenger compartment.

And the ‘living room’ is also expressed through other in-car components, such as the adjustable, massaging, and heated electric seats, turned into veritable armchairs with a ribbed weave, with the seat and backrests in blue velvet in 100% recycled yarn. All this is made even more engaging by the great acoustic comfort of the passenger compartment, to maximize in-car well-being.

The experience aboard the New Lancia Ypsilon is made even more relaxing by its wide range of equipment. The standout features are the keyless entry and start system and parking assist, the best standard spec in the segment, consisting of cameras with a 180° view and front and rear sensors to facilitate maneuvers and a dual screen, the largest display in the category with a total diagonal of 20.5", and a 10.25" digital instrument panel/radio that can be customized in terms of both layout and colors.

S.A.L.A. also comes with Bluetooth Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, a wireless phone charger, and three USB-C ports, for those who can’t tear themselves away from their personal device. The infotainment system is complemented by S.A.L.A. HUB, the virtual assistant that improves the connection between car and driver, emphasizing the high-tech nature of the car. Finally, to complete the driving experience, the New Lancia Ypsilon is the only model in the segment with Level 2 Autonomous Driving as standard, to travel out of town in greater safety and to simplify the driving experience, so Lancia customers can fully enjoy the in-car environment. Level 2 Autonomous Driving automatically adjusts cruising speed and trajectory, using Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering. Level 2 Autonomous Driving, which can be activated between 30 and 150 km/h, includes Traffic Jam Assist with Stop&Go function, to restart the car automatically when stuck in traffic, for a more comfortable drive.

New Lancia Ypsilon: First Car of the Brand's New Era

In its full-electric version, the New Lancia Ypsilon is the brand’s first 100% electric car. The model represents entry into the era of electric mobility, embodying its vision in terms of range, charging time and efficiency for market-leading performance.

With a 156-hp/115-kW power unit and a 51-kWh battery, making it best-in-class in the premium hatchback B-segment, the New Ypsilon boasts a range of up to 403 km in the WLTP combined cycle, with fast charging in 24 minutes (from 20% to 80%) or enough for 100 km in 10 minutes. The car’s fuel consumption stands between 14.3 and 14.6 kWh per 100 km.

Lancia’s clear and ambitious electrification strategy includes the launch of three new models, one every other year. New Lancia Ypsilon is launching in the BEV version, powered by a full-electric powertrain. In line with the Stellantis "Dare Forward" strategic plan, from 2026 Lancia will only be launching 100% electric models.

Easy Charging Anytime, Anywhere, Courtesy of Free2move Charge

New Lancia Ypsilon is supported by Free2move Charge, a complete and integrated 360° ecosystem for tailor-made charging and energy management, accessible to all Lancia customers.

Lancia’s competitive solutions simplify the charging process at home and on the road, for the best experience aboard an electric vehicle.

Free2move Charge Home provides private customers with support for the installation, financing, and warranty of home charging systems, as well as other energy-related hardware and services.

Free2move Charge Go guarantees access anyplace, anytime to the broadest and best maintained network of public charging points.

This modular structure enables Free2move Charge’s promise of e-ABC, "easy to Always Be Charged" to take shape. Keeping fully charged at all times is easy thanks to an integrated system of hardware, software, and charging services that meet all the needs of EV customers, anyplace and anytime.

The system is also structured to understand user needs and optimize overall energy management, resulting in a lower total cost of use and maximizing environmental benefits.

Free2move Charge therefore contributes to achieving the goals set out in the Stellantis "Dare Forward" strategic plan, including 100% battery electric vehicles in Europe by 2030.

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