>> NXP’s vehicle networking, gateway and i.MX 8 Series processors work together to enable enhanced services, convenience and over-the-air updateable vehicles

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands -- NXP Semiconductors today announced a collaboration with the Ford Motor Company to deliver enhanced driver experiences, convenience and services across its global fleet of vehicles, including the 2021 Ford F-150 pickup, Mustang Mach-E and Bronco SUVs. Ford’s new fully networked vehicle architecture implements NXP’s vehicle networking processors and the i.MX 8 Series processors, working together to upgrade vehicles that help improve customer lifestyle and streamline the ownership experience.

NXP’s vehicle network processors provide secure, in-vehicle networking and enable the gateway to rapidly deploy Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates and new services, while processing and sending deep vehicle data to the cloud to drive continual product improvements and support data-driven services like vehicle health management.

The NXP i.MX 8 Series processors help enable Ford SYNC®4 to deliver advanced multimedia user experiences with vivid graphics enabling in-car productivity, cloud services, enhanced voice recognition, and location-based applications.

"NXP is helping Ford push the boundaries of what we all expect from a car by providing engaging in-car user experiences and over-the-air updates that continuously improve a vehicle beyond the date it drives off the lot.Our S32G2 and i.MX 8 Series processors open the door to the expanded services, new user experiences and convenience that customers desire."

Kurt Sievers, CEO, NXP Semiconductors.

About NXP Vehicle Network Processors

NXP vehicle network processors, including the NXP S32G2, support the needs of new vehicle architectures: service-oriented gateways, domain controllers, zonal processors, safety processors and more. The processors are helping to transform OEMs from carmakers into vehicle data-driven service providers with expanded business opportunities.


TAIPEI, Taiwan -- NXP Semiconductors N.V., a leading automotive semiconductor company, has announced a strategic partnership with Foxconn Industrial Internet Ltd., a subsidy company of Foxconn group, (FII;601138.SH) to transform the car into the ultimate edge device. NXP will provide FII with its comprehensive portfolio of automotive technologies.

The initial phase of the joint project will focus on the development of a full digital cockpit solution, based on the NXP i.MX 8 QuadMax. The platform will include digital clusters, and a head-up display (HUD) system, which will enable leading global automotive OEMs and Tier Ones to deliver vivid in-vehicle experiences for their customers. The digital cockpit solution is expected to start mass production in 2023. The companies aim to expand the relationship into UWB-based secure car access, and safe automated driving, augmented by NXP’s leading radar solutions.

"FII is committed to providing clients with an automated, connected platform and big data-based technology, services and solutions, in order to create application platforms across cloud computing, mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), smart networks, robotics and automation, among other industries. We believe that EVs and emerging technology innovation are derived from computing power, system integration, and energy management. We are pleased to join forces with NXP to strengthen the development blueprint of FII and drive innovation for connected cars by leveraging NXP’s leading automotive technology."

- Brand Cheng, CEO at Foxconn Industrial Internet Co. Ltd.

"As a leading global automotive semiconductor supplier, NXP has combined its strong heritage in safety, security and quality with innovation across the vehicle’s domains. We are excited to extend the benefits of our i.MX 8 series processors for a full digital cockpit solution.to FII, a leading technology services provider, and look forward to a long-term strategic partnership, which will provide system-level solutions for the realization of next-generation automotive innovation."

- Ron Martino, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Edge Processing for NXP Semiconductors.

About Foxconn Industrial Internet

Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii) is a world's leading provider of intelligent manufacturing integration solutions. It has been listed on A shares in June, 2018 (Stock code: 601138).Fii aims to provide enterprises with comprehensive solutions for technology services based on automation, network and platform, leading the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. Fii has been building a cross-industry industrial Internet application platform driven by cloud computing, mobile terminals, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence, high-speed network and robot, thus forming a integrated technology empowerment ecosystem. Find out more at www.fii-foxconn.com


>> NXP and partners will present V2X-enabled prototypes at ITS World Congress in Hamburg, including a smart V2X-enabled e-bike prototype from premium manufacturer Riese & Müller

>> V2X electronics can help protect bikes and other road users from accidents

>> NXP releases new applications processor for advanced V2X and IIoT applications

HAMBURG, Germany -- ITS World Congress -- NXP® Semiconductors has announced that it will showcase new safety scenarios enabled by vehicle-to-vehicle communication (Vehicle-to-X or V2X) as part of this year’s ITS World Congress in Hamburg. NXP will work together with partners such as premium manufacturer Riese & Müller, to highlight better protection for vulnerable road users, new V2X application scenarios designed to help prevent traffic accidents and e-bike safety demonstrations. NXP's V2X technology is based on 802.11p, a communication standard also known as DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication). Optimized for automobiles, 802.11p allows vehicles, road infrastructure and other road users to exchange information in real time.

Every year, more than 1.3 million people are killed in road accidents across the world and more than 50 percent of the fatalities are cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. Technologies such as V2X and driver assistance systems can make a significant contribution to help reduce these numbers and are already in standard use in selected passenger car models today.

To demonstrate how the safety of road users can be enhanced, NXP and Riese & Müller have built a smart electric bicycle prototype. The demonstration combines NXP’s RoadLINK® automotive-qualified DSRC modem and Hardware Secure Element IC for V2X applications, with the Cohda Wireless’ On–Board Unit. The configuration enables the e-bike to transmit data on its position, speed and direction of travel to other V2X-enabled vehicles in the vicinity that could pose a potential danger to the cyclist. The module calculates the distances between road users and position changes within seconds. In the event of a dangerous situation, both the cyclist and a car’s driver, would receive a timely collision warning.

"Everyone on the road deserves to be safe, from the student on a bike to the road worker and those in premium vehicles. The quest starts with allowing vehicles and road users to communicate in real time and V2X meets this need by linking infrastructure and road users. V2X can connect and inform a vast web of e-bikes, e-scooters, breakdown assist vehicles and even construction site lighting to create a web of safety for all who share the roads."

- Huanyu Gu, Senior Product Marketing Manager ADAS at NXP.

VW - V2X