The last letter in our logo appears as if it’s in motion, driven towards a fixed goal. There’s a reason for that: we designed our logo to communicate our relentless momentum. That drive towards our mission — to better everyday lives — has spurred us to grow in both speed and scope over the last five years, and now it’s led us to this very important moment in service of our purpose.

We’re pleased to announce Nuro is opening an end-of-line manufacturing facility and world-class test track in Nevada.

Nuro is making a $40 million investment in two commercial facilities in Southern Nevada, totaling over 125,000 square feet of space and over 80 acres of property development. We’ll be creating an initial 250 jobs, and our investment is estimated by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development to generate $2.2 billion in economic impact during its first 10 years of operation.

Our new manufacturing facility

One of our core beliefs is that Nuro’s products shouldn’t be reserved for the select few. But, to give everyone access to Nuro’s service, we’ll need many, many vehicles.

This new manufacturing facility is how we’ll make the vehicles needed to serve neighborhoods across the country. Nuro’s vehicles will be entirely assembled in America, and we’ll be creating an initial 250 specialized careers that will positively impact many Nevada families and their communities. To fill these roles, Nuro is looking to partner with local universities, community colleges, and career training programs to build a talent pipeline, specifically targeting individuals traditionally underrepresented in current technology roles.

“It’s one thing to introduce new jobs to the state — and it’s another thing to introduce high-quality careers to our community,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “We’re pleased to welcome Nuro to Southern Nevada and are especially excited for the careers they’ll be offering that will have long-term benefits for our community.”

Our new test track

Safety has always been at the core of our business. The best technology in the world, after all, means nothing if no one trusts it. That’s where our state-of-the-art test track comes in. Nuro is taking over 74 acres of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to build a world-class closed course testing facility that will provide for development and validation of our vehicles.

This facility will allow us to test a plethora of scenarios, from avoiding kids and pets to giving bicycles the space they deserve. Anything we can think of happening in a real-world scenario can be tested in the track before widespread deployment. And we’ll be constantly iterating on new safety features to ensure our bots are always setting the standard for safety practices.

“Investing in the technological advancement of autonomous vehicles will allow us to better address the pressing issue of safety on Nevada’s roads,” said Senator Jacky Rosen. “I remain enthusiastic about these efforts in Nevada, which will provide benefits to our communities.”

We chose Nevada because it’s an ideal convergence of diverse talent, leadership, and public support for innovation. Since enacting its first-in-the-nation autonomous vehicle legislation in 2011 (AB 511), the state of Nevada has been a leader in promoting the safe deployment of AVs. Today, we want to thank Governor Sisolak, Michael Brown, and the GOED team for their leadership and support. Nevada is supportive of the industry and is enthusiastic about the economic and social impact delivery AVs are projected to have: $4.1 trillion in economic activity and 3.4 million jobs.

Moving forward

We’ll be breaking ground on all these projects in late 2021 and in 2022. And while we’re excited for the new locations, we’re more excited about what they stand for. This expansion is moving us closer to bettering millions of lives, and we can’t wait to see where the momentum that has guided us to Nevada takes us to in the years to come.