PLEASANTON, Calif. -- Tekion, innovator of the first and fastest cloud-native automotive retail SaaS platform, today announced a collaboration with Microsoft to enable new capabilities for automotive manufacturers using Microsoft Azure.

Over the next year, Tekion’s cloud-based platform will integrate with Azure for Tekion’s enterprise customers. It’s the first of several programs Tekion has planned that integrates various Azure services.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Microsoft to extend our cloud-native technology to the Azure platform for our enterprise customers,” said Guru Sankararaman, CFO & SVP of Operations at Tekion. “We are committed to providing innovative solutions on a secure and scalable platform for our enterprise customers and partner ecosystems.”

Tekion’s cloud-based platform modernizes the end-to-end automotive retail journey and transforms sales and service experiences to suit today’s tech-savvy customer needs. It enables seamless customer engagement and the highest level of operational efficiencies with its cutting-edge platform built with IoT, AI and machine learning at its core.

“Transformation of automotive customer experience is crucial for the industry,” said Sanjay Ravi, General Manager of Automotive, Mobility and Transportation Industry at Microsoft. “We are working with Tekion to help accelerate the development of next-generation capabilities for its automotive retail platform and rapidly bring these innovations to the market."


>> Annata is deepening their collaboration with Microsoft to further develop and bring to market solutions to enable the transformation of automotive distribution and retail with next-generation retail and mobility services.

Kópavogur, Iceland – Annata, developer of Annata 365, a global cloud platform built natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure for the automotive and industrial equipment industries, today announced it is expanding its collaboration with Microsoft to drive the transformation of distribution and retail, and to enable new mobility services.

Annata 365 delivers capabilities that help automotive and industrial equipment customers navigate industry challenges, adapt existing operations, and embrace new opportunities through technologies including IoT, machine learning, and cloud-based services.

Building on the success of its 20-year history as a Microsoft partner, including recent customer wins in the mobility services sector and the New Energy sector, Annata will be enhancing Annata 365 with new services which enable vehicle OEMs, Importers, Dealers and Service entities to move rapidly from their legacy systems onto the latest technology, and unlock fuller engagement with their customers. In addition, this will empower the provision of new offerings around mobility services which encompass both the user engagement, and the vehicle lifecycle and utilisation management required for a business model based on user experience and sustainability.

“This market is going through a tremendous amount of disruption and disintermediation, and our deeper collaboration with Microsoft will enable us to help both the incumbents and new entrants stay ahead of their competitors by taking advantage of the latest technology,” said Annata CEO Jóhann Ólafur Jónsson.

Over the next year, Annata will release new Annata 365 retail and mobility modules, starting with Commerce and Insights, developed natively with Dynamics 365 Automotive Accelerator and Common Data Model for Automotive, for which Annata was co-developer.

“There is a growing need in the automotive industry for transformation across distribution, retail and mobility,” said Sanjay Ravi, General Manager, Automotive Mobility and Transportation for Microsoft. “Annata’s customer relationships and growing portfolio of capabilities in Annata 365 combined with the strength and scale of the Microsoft Cloud will help deliver the solutions the industry needs at scale.”


>> Wejo is partnering with Microsoft to build cloud infrastructure to deliver near real-time vehicle data and significantly enhanced predictive analytics

MANCHESTER, England – Wejo, a global leader in connected vehicle data, today reported additional progress in its strategic partnership with Microsoft in which Wejo’s robust suite of data assets are being built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, enabling near real-time data exchange and the ability to deliver a range of new solutions to the broader mobility sector. The partners demonstrated this progress in a video released today.

Wejo has to date ingested 12 trillion of data points from nearly 12 million connected vehicles, including information on locations, road conditions, and weather, which are now combined with the data security, privacy and scalability of Azure. As the volume of Wejo’s data continually grows, Azure AI capabilities enhance predictability such as helping to reduce road traffic accidents through near real-time data modelling. The growing library of data generated by Wejo across the U.S. and Europe can be leveraged across a broad array of use cases across the mobility, automotive and mapping sectors. The cloud-based infrastructure on which this collaboration is based has become more crucial as OEMs increasingly rely on data insights harnessed from individual vehicles.

“The strategic partnership between Wejo and Microsoft continues to produce unique technical and commercial benefits for the broader mobility sector,” said David Burns, CTO, Wejo. “Microsoft Azure gives Wejo’s extensive data and growing library of data assets the power and scalability to enable customers to make better business decisions, provide differentiated experiences, find new revenue streams and drive future innovation across the broader mapping and automotive sectors.”

“Wejo is ideally positioned to address the automotive industry’s growing mobility data problem through its OEM relationships and growing library of data assets,” said Sanjay Ravi, General Manager of Automotive, Mobility and Transportation Industries at Microsoft. “With Wejo’s data on Azure, together we can deliver at scale the solutions that the industry, individual vehicle users and everyone involved in the mobility and transportation ecosystem have long needed.”

Richard Barlow, Founder & CEO of Wejo, continued: “The fact that Wejo now ingests over 17 billion data points a day, every 1-3 seconds, from 11.9 million vehicles on Wejo’s platform, is unlocking real value for the challenges such as interaction between driven and driverless vehicles. Wejo’s ability to show the trends in electric vehicle usage – and the lack of infrastructure in cities to accelerate the adoption of low emission vehicles – is data for good in action.”

In addition to its partnership with Microsoft, which is a strategic investor in Wejo, the Company also has partnered with Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) to power the leading connected vehicle data platform; Sompo Holdings (TYO: 8630) to bring the power of connected vehicle data to the APAC region; and General Motors (NYSE: GM). Additionally, Wejo also has business relationships with 17 automotive OEMs and Tier 1s. Wejo has agreed to a business combination with Virtuoso Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:VOSO); when completed, Wejo will become a public company.

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