PALO ALTO, Calif. – Hesai Technology and Leapmotor today announced a strategic partnership to create a best-in-class intelligent driving experience utilizing Hesai's next-generation of high-performance automotive lidar products.

This agreement builds upon Hesai and Leapmotor’s ongoing collaboration which began in 2021. Since then, the companies have equipped multiple models across Leapmotor’s C platforms with Hesai’s AT128 long-range lidar. The latest Leapmotor vehicle to utilize Hesai’s AT128 lidar is the all-new C10 EV.

"I am confident that our work with Hesai will enhance Leapmotor's intelligent driving solutions, accelerate product upgrades and create safer, more user-friendly advanced intelligent driving functions," said Zhu Jiangming, Founder and Chairperson of Leapmotor.

Recently, Leapmotor entered into a joint venture with Stellantis Group, one of the world's largest automakers. The joint venture will accelerate and expand global sales of Leapmotor’s high-tech, cost-efficient products by leveraging Stellantis’ extensive assets and commercial know-how around the globe.

As a key supplier for Leapmotor, Hesai will play a significant role in providing advanced intelligent driving systems to global markets.

"Our alliance with Leapmotor is an important step in bringing advanced lidar technology to the world," said David Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Hesai Technology. "Our companies share a strong commitment to advancing safety technology and Leapmotor's global market position in the electric vehicle industry will help us expand ADAS lidar into new markets."

In response to growing demand, Hesai has launched a diverse portfolio of lidar products at varying price points and form factors to meet the needs of intelligent driving systems. As a result, intelligent driving solutions equipped with lidar have increased in popularity.

Looking ahead, Leapmotor and Hesai will continue to explore opportunities to improve intelligent driving technology and bring innovative driving solutions to users around the world.


PALO ALTO, Calif. – Li Auto Inc., a leader in China’s electric vehicle market, recently launched Li MEGA, its first high-voltage battery electric vehicle. The company’s high-tech flagship multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) is equipped with Hesai Technology’s ultra-high-definition long-range LiDAR AT128, which allows for a full suite of intelligent driving capabilities.

Li Auto’s L8 and L7 Pro models will also feature Hesai LiDAR as a standard configuration with an urban Navigation on AutoPilot (NOA) function that allows drivers to enjoy the comfort and convenience of safe, intelligent driving. This technology greatly improves intelligent driving systems’ obstacle detection, enabling vehicles to quickly respond to unpredictable road conditions.

"When it comes to safety, only the best is good enough," a Li Auto spokesperson commented. "Hesai played a major role in bringing our autonomous driving suite to life and Li MEGA will bring a new standard of technological advancements to the MPV market."

With its unique and innovative design, Li MEGA reimagines the future of MPVs and expands upon the comfort and outstanding performance Li Auto is known for.

"At its core, Hesai is a safety company, and we are thrilled to partner with Li Auto to bring a best-in-class EV autonomous experience to driving enthusiasts of all kinds," a Hesai executive shared. "We look forward to continuing to advance vehicle innovation and safety together."

Over the last year, Hesai and Li Auto have achieved impressive growth together, working to push the boundaries of intelligent driving and improve road safety for all.