>> The company unveiled ambitious plans to penetrate the European market with the full portfolio of electric powertrain and know-how as the global No.1 module provider

>> State-of-the-art mobility technologies such as hologram AR HUD, communication lamp, autonomous parking system and wireless charging were also introduced

Munich, Germany - Hyundai Mobis, the global no.7 automotive supplier, announced ‘Mobis Mobility Move’, a vision to become the electrified mobility partner for the consumers in the European market with competitive edges in electrification and future mobility technologies.

Hyundai Mobis is already an established player in the automotive component market in Asia and North America with total sales of around USD 30 billion, and is now continuing its expansion into the European market.

On the press day of IAA, Hyundai Mobis presented the company's ambitious plans to the press representatives. Axel J. Maschka, Executive Vice President Hyundai Mobis, represented the company at the press conference: "Europe is the heart of the global automotive industry where the headquarters of the world’s largest manufactures are located. Positioning ourselves in Europe is the next logical step for us to continue the exceptional growth of our company."

As the first step, Hyundai Mobis explained that it will be able to expand the skateboard module business, leveraging the company’s full portfolio of electric powertrain as well as experience and know-how as the global No.1 module provider.

Since the company started the electrification systems business in 2009, it has accumulated know-how for more than 12 years and now holds a full portfolio including motors, power systems, battery systems and fuel cell components. Hyundai Mobis’ electric powertrain modules are now supplied to all sorts of environmentally-friendly vehicles called xEVs from EV, Hybrid EV, to Fuel Cell EV.


Recently, Hyundai Mobis has loaded its most advanced electrification components like 3-in-1 system(integrating motor, inverter and reducer in a single housing), Battery System Assembly(BSA), and Integrated Charging Control Unit(ICCU) on the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ5. At its booth at IAA, Hyundai Mobis is exhibiting a total of 30 innovative and strategically important components that go into the IONIQ 5.

The company also presented several innovative mobility technologies that will shape the era of future mobility from driving to charging. One key product here is the Augmented Reality Head-up Display(AR HUD). Based on the hologram technology, it projects intuitive driving information in real-time on the windshield, saving the drivers from insecure road exits or wrong turns.

The next thing, Communication Lighting technology utilizes the DMD(Digital Micromirror Device) lamps, projecting lights either on the vehicle itself or onto the road to indicate driving signs for both the driver and passengers/other drivers.

In addition, the Automatic Parking System will autonomously find the perfect parking spot for the car, while Autonomous Charging Module will enable the drivers to forget about their charging duties. These mobility technologies are certainly expected to protect the drivers as well as enhance their driving experience.

With these technology innovations and the mature overall portfolio, Hyundai Mobis showed confidence that it is going on the right track to help shape the future of the automobile in the paramount European market.