>> The latest application for our turnkey self-driving system takes the form of an urban shuttle for autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service

hat will autonomous mobility look like? What form will self-driving vehicles take? There’s no single answer – but here’s one rather enticing proposition: the new HOLON mover, unveiled last week at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

The latest implementation of Mobileye Drive™, the HOLON mover is a shuttle bus designed for urban transportation. It’s all-electric, accessible, and fully autonomous, thanks to technology from Mobileye.

Meet the HOLON Mover

HOLON is a new mobility brand from BENTELER, a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal components to the automobile industry. The new company’s first product, the HOLON mover is an autonomous shuttle bus for use in a variety of urban transportation applications – including ride pooling, ride hailing, and scheduled service.

The HOLON mover has room for up to 15 passengers on board. To optimize inclusivity, it features electric double-wing doors, photo-electric sensors, an accessibility ramp, automatic securing of wheelchairs, information presented in braille, and an audiovisual guide. It can travel autonomously around town at up to 60 km/h (37 mph), with an all-electric range estimated at 290 kilometers (180 miles) between charges.

To make all that happen, HOLON brought together an impressive array of partners. BENTELER’s extensive experience in automotive component manufacturing means the vehicle will be built to automotive standards of safety and quality. The renowned Italian design house Pininfarina penned its stylish form. Cognizant Mobility furnishes the software. And Mobileye provides the autonomous driving system.

Driven by Mobileye™

The HOLON mover is the latest in a string of implementations for Mobileye Drive – our comprehensive self-driving solution for commercial vehicles. Mobileye Drive incorporates multiple types of sensors, with its camera subsystem operating independently of its radar/lidar subsystem to deliver True Redundancy™. It also utilizes Mobileye Roadbook™, our AV map generated and continually updated by our Road Experience Management™ (REM™) crowdsourced mapping technology. It operates under our lean driving policy based on RSS™: the Responsibility-Sensitive Safety™ model. And the whole system runs on our EyeQ™ System-on-Chip.

"The market needs vehicles that seamlessly work in any traffic environment – and that is exactly what HOLON and Mobileye plan to deliver," Johann Jungwirth, Mobileye’s Senior Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles, said at CES. "I am confident that the HOLON mover will be a huge success. There are communities around the world that are searching for a mobility solution just like it."

The HOLON mover joins a list of applications for Mobileye Drive previously unveiled, including our own Robotaxi, the Udelv Transporter, the Lohr i-Cristal, and a self-driving shuttle platform from Schaeffler.

When will these self-driving vehicles be available?

HOLON aims to begin producing the mover in the United States towards the end of 2025, and plans to expand production to sites in Europe and Asia in the following years. And it already has partnerships in place for self-driving Mobility-as-a-Service with Beep in the U.S. and with Hamburger Hochbahn in Germany.

We look forward to seeing the HOLON mover hit the road in the near future to reach another milestone in our drive to bring the benefits of autonomous mobility to everyone, everywhere, in every way.

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