MUNICH, Germany - DeepRoute, developer of the cost-effective production-ready autonomous driving solution, will debut its HD Map-Free Driver 3.0 solution during IAA Mobility and present its strategy to accelerate commercialization in the European market. With extensive engineering experience in collaborating with different OEMs, DeepRoute is well-prepared to expand its unique smart driving solutions to global automakers.

DeepRoute is focused on integrating its autonomous driving and ADAS solutions to both passenger cars and medium-duty trucks. DeepRoute is actively working with global automakers, with plans to establish a European operations center in Germany in 2024. The company also announced that its signature HD Map free solution will be released in 2024 in Germany as the first stop in Europe.

Driver 3.0 is data-driven and designed with a powerful data loop that can solve corner cases with significant testing and training data, making it flexible and adaptable to different countries and automakers' needs. The team will customize its solution for European locales, ensuring it meets regional regulatory compliance parameters and adheres to local driving behaviors and environments to ensure road safety, including recognizing different languages, roundabouts, and more.

Powered by the automotive-grade NVIDIA DRIVE Orin centralized compute platform, Driver 3.0 supports ASIL-D functional safety. DeepRoute also plans to obtain additional ISO certification in 2024.

"The auto industry is witnessing a revolution marked with brand new smart driving experiences, which will bring extra value to consumers," said Maxwell Zhou, CEO of the company, "As a pioneer in the autonomous driving field, we are committed to partnering with global automakers and empowering them with our unique solutions that enhance the future driving experience."

"DeepRoute has made significant strides in expanding from Robotaxis to a broad range of vehicles for consumer and commercial use cases," said Rishi Dhall, Vice President of Automotive at NVIDIA. "Enabled by the accelerated compute power of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, DeepRoute is poised to accelerate mass deployment of its safe and robust advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous driving solutions to key automakers across the world."

Since Driver 3.0 doesn't rely on high-definition maps, smart driving functions will be made possible across different regions for both highways, urban and rural roads.'s two products, D-PRO and D-AIR, target premium and economy cars, with cost-effective bill of material prices. The company's ability to deliver mature smart driving solutions worldwide will expedite the transportation industry's path to commercialization.