On Apr. 9, Baidu Apollo released the "Apollo Intelligent Transportation White Paper", which introduced the future transportation road intelligent travel scheme under the background of the new infrastructure and proposed Apollo's own solution-"ACE Transportation Engine" (Autonomous Driving, Connected Road, Efficient Mobility).

‘Chelu Zhixing’ (Vehicle-road smart mobility) is a new generation of integrated smart transportation technology with the four elements vehicle, road, cloud, map as its base, that uses AI technologies such as AD and vehicle road collaboration as engines, sensor data as fuel, communication networks as links and product and services as application. Baidu believes that the ‘Chelu Zhixing’ technology will gradually develop and mature along the three stages of "digital upgradation, network transformation and automation transformation." Among them, the digital upgrade phase reflects the "information and digital" characteristic and is aimed at the integration of vehicles and roads in traditional traffic scenarios. Network transformation is more prominent on "networking and control", which can be applied to wide range of traffic scenarios. The automation transformation stage is focused on the "unmanned and integrated" feature and will completely overturn traditional modes of mobility.

Baidu predicts that by the middle of this century, China's ‘Chelu Zhixing’ will complete the automation transformation and reach a level of international leadership.

At the same time, Baidu gave a detailed introduction to its intelligent transportation solution named "ACE Transportation Engine". The ACE transportation engine uses a "1 + 2 + N" overall architecture, which includes:

One digital base: digital transportation infrastructure such as the onboard OS Xiaodu, the deep learning framework ‘PaddlePaddle’, the Baidu intelligent cloud, and Baidu map-supported “car”, “road", "cloud", "map", etc.

Two intelligent engines: Apollo AD engine and vehicle-road collaborative engine.

Multiple (n) application ecosystems: including intelligent signal control, intelligent parking, traffic management, intelligent public transportation, intelligent freight, intelligent vehicle connectivity, intelligent rental, autonomous parking and compounds, etc.

The solution integrates Baidu's advantages of its AI and AD technology, its Apollo open platform system, closed-loop traffic and massive end users. Existing applications cover vehicle-road collaboration, AI vision + big data transportation governance, AI video smart parking, intelligent buses, smart cargo transport, smart car connectivity, smart rental (Robotaxi), L4 level autonomous parking, one-stop park AD solutions and product packages for compounds, etc.

Wang Xiaojing, Chief Scientist of the National Intelligent Transportation System Engineering Technology Center, said that "Baidu is a forefront AI leader in China and is committed to becoming the leader in AI in the framework of China becoming a ‘Strong Transportation Country’. The "ACE Transportation Engine" solution is in line with the global trends of intelligent transportation and constitutes new measures for the activation of effective investments for infrastructure construction, the release of new forces of economic vitality, the implementation of new paths led by intelligence, the establishment of emergency disaster mitigation guarantees, the buildup of new support for building a strong transportation country and the support of scientific traffic governance."

Download - Apollo Intelligent Transportation White Paper (Chinese)