>> City NGP expands to Beijing's major ring roads and expressways

>> XNGP to be available in more Chinese cities in 2H 2023

>> XNGP enables faster software iteration and wider coverage

Beijing, China – XPENG today announced the official launch of City NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) in Beijing, making it China's first Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) available in the urban areas of Beijing, applicable on the major ring roads and expressways.

With the beta version currently offered on select XPENG models in Beijing, City NGP can be accessed on XPENG G9 Max and P7i Max versions through OTA (Over-the-Air) update of Xmart OS 4.3.0, as well as on XPENG P5 P version which's upgraded to Xmart OS 3.5.0.

City NGP further enhanced under new-gen ADAS architecture

As China's first mass-produced ADAS developed for urban driving scenarios, City NGP has continuously undergone optimization and iterations since its launch in October 2022, and is now available in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing - four of China’s largest cities, with plans to expand to dozens of cities within this year.

Under XPENG's next-generation ADAS, XNGP, the City NGP is set to improve its handling of lane changing, bypassing and following other vehicles etc. The function has been enhancing driving expertise equivalent to one year of human driver experience every quarter. Its goal is to elevate driving efficiency, comfort, and human-machine interaction, ultimately providing a seamless driving experience comparable to that of an experienced driver.

Empowered by XNGP: Faster iterations and expanded coverage

Thanks to XPENG's industry-leading XNet deep learning neural network, backed by China's largest autonomous driving supercomputing center, and its self-developed closed-loop AI and data system, the City NGP possesses robust AI learning capabilities. Not only does it rapidly accumulate driving expertise, but it also significantly accelerates the expansion of coverage in new cities.

Meanwhile, XNGP's ability to handle complex urban road driving scenarios has translated into its capabilities to handle highway scenarios, leveraging its AI architecture. With this OTA update delivered through Xmart OS 4.3.0, XPENG also brings to customers its enhanced Highway NGP function. The Highway NGP is reaching advanced smart driving capability, with close to "zero intervention" in highway driving scenarios.

In the second half of 2023, XPENG will gradually release its ADAS functions for Chinese cities or urban areas without HD map coverage. It also plans to offer customized NGP capabilities for daily commuting nationwide. These initiatives will cater to a wider range of driving scenarios and provide enhanced intelligent driving experiences for users in various environments.