>> At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Valeo presented its latest innovations for cleaner, safer and smarter mobility.

Valeo has participated at the major tech show since 2014 and will once again show at CES 2023 how it’s paving the way for tomorrow’s mobility with innovative technologies for the automotive industry – and beyond.

Today, Valeo is at the forefront of the revolutions that are transforming mobility, both in the automotive industry and in new forms of transportation. A technological and industrial leader in vehicle electrification, driver assistance systems, lighting and reinventing the "smart" interior experience, its technologies now go far beyond the car. Valeo’s technologies equip all new forms of mobility and, now even urban infrastructures to make cities smarter, enabling solutions such as enhanced data center cooling.

Discover the innovations that Valeo has presented at the CES in Las Vegas

Extended reality:  At CES 2023, Valeo premiered its "eXtended Reality Experience." Using a virtual reality headset, passengers can completely immerse themselves in a universe of their choosing and enjoy an intuitive and interactive experience while on their journey.

Passengers can interact with the virtual world thanks to various Valeo sensors throughout the cabin. Sensors located on the vehicle exterior combine elements of the real world with the virtual one.

These advances in connectivity and VR will enable users to make the most of their time while their vehicle battery is charging, by working, catching up with with friends and family, or just relaxing.


Driver Monitoring: Valeo’s Driver Monitoring is a camera-based system that tracks driver alertness by identifying the driver and monitoring their attentiveness. It is an essential life-saving technology.

Distraction and drowsiness detection

The system alerts the driver when it detects signs of drowsiness or distraction. It also ensures that the driver has their eyes on the road when they need to resume driving in manual mode, in a Level 2+ automated vehicle. The upgrade helps reduce accidents related to fatigue and distraction.

Future features:
> Driver authentication
> Emotion recognition


Valeo CycleeTM – CES 2023 Innovation Award: Valeo CycleeTM is a unique electric bicycle assistance solution that integrates a 48-volt electric motor and an automatic gearbox in the same module. Valeo also produces the battery pack and the handlebar-mounted control monitor that displays all the system performance information. Producing 130 Nm of torque and offering a power output of 750W, Valeo CycleeTM is currently the most powerful electrical assistance system on the market. Whether for getting around town or transporting goods, Valeo CycleeTM makes electric bicycles easier, more intuitive and smarter than ever.


Lighting experience: Electric vehicle architecture reduces the need for traditional front grilles and gives designers the freedom to assert their style and the signature brand through lighting.

And as vehicles are becoming increasingly autonomous, they will have to communicate with their environment, making lighting an even more important tool in the years to come. Intelligent pixelated surfaces can be used to share clear, real-time information such as the vehicle’s charge level. In the future, they will also be able to provide information on traffic conditions. Dynamic lighting inside the vehicle will alert the driver to information in emergency situations.


Immersive interior experience: Another immersive experience Valeo will be offering visitors is to climb aboard a vehicle with lighting that transforms the interior experience.

Interior lighting is being reinvented and extended across surfaces to create a more immersive experience for passengers. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as delivering navigation information, visualizing music, creating personalized, relaxing atmospheres, etc. Immersion is made possible by engaging multiple senses such as sight, sound and touch.

Valeo’s immersive cabin fascia – award-winning technology at CES 2023: Interactivity and safety are central to this unique, highly aesthetic system, which looks like a crystal and integrates a human-machine interface, dynamic lighting and back-lighting solutions. When the system is activated, the "metallic" decor becomes transparent and the interactive interface is displayed. The system’s lighting can be used to change the ambiance in the vehicle and also includes enhanced safety features such as driver alerts. The system has a metallic appearance when switched off and a sparkling diamond design when activated. Its eye-catching design and combination of features make for a very specific, impactful brand signature.

Smart Pole: French Tech is building the city of tomorrow: Valeo will take advantage of CES to premiere Smart Pole, an innovative concept developed with partners Equans, GHM, Eclatec and Lacroix City to make mobility safer for all of tomorrow’s city users: pedestrians, droids, autonomous shuttles, micro-mobility operators, etc.

The city of tomorrow will be greener, more fluid and more intelligent.

With an ultrasonic belt sensor, smart lighting (including on-the-ground projection), a charging station, composite material, and more, Smart Pole is a package of sensors and technologies offering solutions such as near-range motion detection, smart public space lighting suited to real-life needs and safe pedestrian crossing in urban areas.


Lidar: Among all the sensors, Valeo is the only global automotive industry company to series-produce the LiDAR. More than 170,000 units have already been produced and the technology is protected by more than 500 patents. Thanks to its laser-based system, the third-generation LiDAR scanner developed by Valeo – SCALA 3 LiDAR – recreates a 3D image of the vehicle’s surroundings using a point cloud, with an as yet unparalleled resolution for an automotive system. It sees everything, even objects that are invisible to the human eye. It can also identify objects – such as a tire – left on an unlit black asphalt road more than 150 meters ahead that neither the driver, cameras nor radars can.

Stellantis has already chosen Valeo’s third-generation LiDAR to equip multiple models of its various automotive brands from 2024

Pantomime: An algorithm capable of understanding the movements of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and construction workers.

With Pantomime, automated vehicles will be able to anticipate the actions of these road users, ensuring safe and efficient navigation. This is particularly important in complex environments such as construction sites, where the presence of workers and changing road conditions can make it difficult for automated vehicles to operate safely.

In addition to anticipating the movements of vulnerable road users, Pantomime is also able to understand and follow the hand signals and instructions of authorities such as police officers. This makes it an essential tool for any automated vehicle operating in urban environments, where these types of interactions are common.