>> Best-in-class AI will voice-enable ecosystem of in-vehicle apps and connected devices

>> SoundHound and HARMAN will provide an exceptional, customer-focused solution to automakers looking for a fully OEM-owned and branded in-vehicle experience.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — SoundHound AI, Inc., a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, and HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies and solutions for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today announced they will be working together to bring a seamless, natural voice AI experience to the automotive market.

SoundHound will draw on its knowledge of automotive voice technology to deliver advanced speech recognition software to the HARMAN Ignite Store, a leading connected vehicle platform which enables automakers to develop, manage and operate their own in-vehicle app store. This voice-enablement will allow drivers and passengers to effortlessly launch and interact with the broad range of apps and devices already accessible via HARMAN Ignite Store – providing next-level handsfree convenience and safety.

Working together, the two companies aim to create new, voice AI-enabled possibilities for automakers looking to uplevel their in-vehicle technology.

SoundHound’s disruptive voice AI is the result of over 17 years of innovation. Built on Speech-to-Meaning® and Deep Meaning Understanding® technologies, the company’s advanced voice AI platform provides exceptional speed and accuracy. Speech-to-Meaning technology tracks speech in real-time and understands the context, even before the user has finished speaking. Deep Meaning Understanding enables in-vehicle voice assistants to address multiple questions and filter results simultaneously.

Because these technologies work more like the human brain, this best-in-class voice AI allows drivers and passengers to control their in-vehicle experience using natural human speech.

“Great voice technology is now a key differentiator for vehicle-buying consumers, and SoundHound’s advanced voice AI delivers a truly conversational experience that feels natural and effortless,” said James Hom, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at SoundHound. “By integrating our advanced voice AI with HARMAN’s elite platform, we’ll be offering automakers a high quality, next-generation system that minimizes distractions and maximizes convenience.”

With over 90 percent of new vehicles globally projected to have voice assistants by 2028 (Automotive World), SoundHound and HARMAN will provide an exceptional, customer-focused solution to automakers looking for a fully OEM-owned and branded in-vehicle experience.

“In line with our ‘Consumer Experiences. Automotive Grade.’ value proposition, HARMAN Ignite Store aims to seamlessly voice-enable third party automotive applications, so it’s critical that our integrated voice AI is the best on the market – both in terms of its technical capabilities and its user-friendliness,” said Albert Jordan, Vice President of HARMAN Ignite Store at HARMAN International. “We are impressed by SoundHound’s voice AI and we’re excited for the opportunity to work together to provide drivers with a way of controlling their in-vehicle digital experience system that is as smart and intuitive as with any of their other devices.”