This is it! The Milan Club is ready to welcome all Lynk & Co enthusiasts: automotive lovers, sustainability trend seekers, and anyone looking for a space to get together and exchange ideas.

Designed to stand out

What’s so peculiar about this Club? It’s apparent from the moment you enter and are immediately tangled around neon lights that swirl around a pillar. A must-visit – even if not out of necessity – is the Candy Shop Toilet, where you'll be surrounded by white, pink and, yes, lots of lollipops. Beyond the bathrooms, you'll find Lynk & Co's signature pieces: the yellow couch, metal bar, 3D armchairs, and lighting from local Italian brand Seletti. And, of course, there’s the Lynk & Co 01. The car is placed under a historic skylight, ready to be photographed amongst fabric pillars. If you have any questions, we suggest that you pay a visit in the Tarot Room: you may not find the answer you are looking for, but at least you’ll be surrounded by a dreamlike atmosphere made of reclaimed and reused wood and furniture. Everything in the Club was created in collaboration with the Gothenburg-based design studio New Order Arkitektur.

Yes, we are getting carried away

After Rome, Milan is our second Club in Italy. The Italian market has been intrigued by Lynk & Co’s mobility concept since the beginning and remains one of our most active markets. The Lynk & Co 01 has zoomed across the length of the boot, with interest growing in all regions of Italy. As a result, 20 percent of Lynk & Co subscribers hail from Italy, the second largest market in Europe. The reasons why they chose us? Italian subscribers are particularly interested in flexibility, more sustainable mobility, the 01’s digital features, and the design of the car. After all, have you seen the Lynk & Co 01?


Cars, events, and much more

Lynk & Co's presence in Milan is not limited to the 01 alone: we’re involving more and more people to have a positive effect on the community. Oh, and we’re having some fun while we’re at it. The Club is not just the place to see the 01 up close, but a place where projects, shows, and workshops engage the community.

In the words of Alain Visser, CEO Lynk & Co:

We really looked forward for the opening our Club in Milan. Being present in this city means to be part of a vibrant beauty that is innovating every day. Milan’s community pulses with ideas, and with our Club, we want to create space to not only to change mobility but also impact people’s lifestyles. It’s important that we’re having fun while driving toward a more sustainable future.

Alain Visser, CEO of Lynk & Co

Sustainable and amazing products

We’ve included incredible products with a little something extra in our Milan Club: sustainability as a creative engine. In addition to statement pieces like lamps made from orange peels, you can also find truly unique upcycled fashion brands thanks to a collaboration with Revibe. If you’ve been following along with Lynk & Co’s journey, you know that in 2022 we’ve switched to 100 percent renewable electricity in all our operations: from Clubs to offices. Even our car manufacturing plant is now powered by a 20 million kWh solar panel system.

Il Club di Milano è pronto ad accogliere tutti coloro che in questi mesi si sono appassionati a Lynk & Co: amanti dell’automotive, persone alla ricerca dei nuovi trend in fatto di sostenibilità e gente alla quale piace vivere la città e vuole avere uno spazio dove ritrovarsi e scambiare idee. La data da segnarsi è il 26 novembre, a partire dalle 10:00, in corso Venezia, 6.