>> World’s first SaaS navigation and connected service solution for vehicles

>> Allows automakers to provide fresh and differentiated experiences to drivers and passengers while simplifying their supply chain and reducing costs

>> Off-the-shelf enablement of OEM proprietary or third party connected service sales powered by the HERE Open Location Platform

>> State-of the art user interface with a “voice-first” approach, offered with pre-integration option of Amazon Alexa

HERE Technologies today announced HERE Navigation On Demand, a new one-stop solution for automakers to enable compelling, full-featured and always-fresh navigation experiences in their vehicles, including in the volume segment.

HERE Navigation On Demand is navigation as a service, combining the benefits of embedded navigation with the experience and familiarity of a mobile navigation solution. This fully integrated solution works off the shelf, and offers easy and cost-effective deployment in connected embedded systems as well as on mobile, including mirrored set-ups. Automakers can also take advantage of an out-of-the-box framework enabling them to sell connected services on-demand and generate new sources of recurring revenue.

“HERE Navigation On Demand is the reinvention of in-car navigation for the era of the connected vehicle,” said Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE Technologies. “Our solution gives automakers the agility and flexibility they need to deliver the most competitive navigation experiences on the market. Moreover, it provides them the freedom to create their own business models that support their unique strategies.”

A one-stop solution for improved scalability at lower cost

HERE Navigation On Demand is a one-stop solution for automakers, enabling them to easily configure and deploy navigation experiences for different in-vehicle infotainment platforms, vehicle lines or trim levels. All the components required are fully integrated, including a configurable HMI. The solution can be ported to the most widely used operating systems and can run in the infotainment system or be mirrored from a mobile phone.

By utilizing HERE Navigation On Demand, automakers simplify their infotainment supply chain and development process and can reduce capital expenditures in development as well as bill-of-material costs. As they near the start of production of new models, automakers also minimize the risks of feature-loss that stem from supply chain and development complexity and software update challenges when a car is in production or later in-market

Fully updatable, always fresh

HERE Navigation On Demand exploits the company’s expertise in over the air software technology to enable updates of maps, data and software when the car is in the distribution chain or in-market. Data transmissions between car and cloud are fully secure, enhancing driver and passenger safety and privacy.

On-demand services, recurring revenue

HERE Navigation On Demand allows automakers to generate recurring revenue through the sale of connected services to drivers directly via the infotainment system. The service delivery framework is built into the solution, reducing the investment needed for business model enablement. Automakers can freely select which part of the experience they want to offer through subscriptions, and do not need to have content or software licenses in place before a user subscribes.

Differentiation, strong digital brand presence

Using the environment provided by the HERE Open Location Platform, a corresponsing software development kit (SDK) will enable automakers and 3rd parties to create additional functionality for HERE Navigation On Demand, based on their own or third party data. These applications will seamlessly integrate in the custom HERE Navigation On Demand experience, driving customer value and real differentiation.

With HERE Navigation On Demand, automakers can choose to deploy their own branding across all screens in and out of the car as part of the wide scope they have to configure the experience to their own design standards.

Deep vehicle integration provides a better user experience and helps to reduce driver distraction. For example, automakers could enable drivers to search and pay for charging their electric vehicle right from the navigation application, without having to switch between different views or even use different applications.

Ready for tomorrow’s mobility solutions

The ability to deploy HERE Navigation On Demand on both embedded and mobile platforms as well as add functionality developed in the HERE Open Location Platform means that it can also easily integrate into larger on-demand solutions for ride-hailing and car-sharing.

Seamless support for ADAS and automated driving

HERE Navigation On Demand enables all the benefits of HERE automotive grade maps and navigation. These include the ability to feed automotive-grade map and dynamic road data to the vehicle’s ADAS and automated driving control units. As automakers introduce more automation into their vehicles, HERE Navigation On Demand is ready to support their migration path from ADAS to autonomous driving.

Partnerships accelerating time-to-market opportunity for automakers

Voice-enabled navigation with Amazon Alexa

HERE has worked with Amazon to integrate Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, into the HERE Navigation On Demand experience. Alexa is pre-integrated into HERE Navigation On Demand, making it faster and easier for automakers to deliver an intuitive, voice-first navigation experience to customers in the car.

Available with the Renesas R-Car platform

HERE and Renesas Electronics Corporation have qualified HERE Navigation On Demand for Renesas’ R-Car System-on-chip (SoC) family for automotive cockpit applications. The combination of the R-Car hardware platform and HERE Navigation On Demand jointly facilitates scaling IVI solutions from entry to top level.

Available within webOS

LG Electronics and Luxoft have partnered to make HERE Navigation On Demand available through the webOS ecosystem as it extends from consumer electronics to support automotive in-vehicle infotainment and beyond. Automakers can significantly reduce time to market for their in-vehicle infotainment solutions and offer connected services off-the-shelf through the integration of HERE Navigation On Demand in webOS Auto.

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