>> LeasysGO! can be activated on Amazon and will enable customers to rent a New 500 from the Leasys fleet, which will include over 2000 vehicles for shared use.

>> Until December 2020, the service, developed in cooperation with the FCA e-Mobility team, will be available to the employees of the FCA Group in Turin, who will be the first to try it.

>> At the beginning of 2021, LeasysGO! will be launched in the main Italian and European cities.

FCA Bank and its Leasys subsidiary continue to be key driving forces of the Italian revolution of sustainable mobility. In fact, with the introduction of the electric New 500, both companies announced the launch of LeasysGO!, the first car sharing service that will make available to subscribers a fleet of electric 500. The service, which can be managed directly from one’s smartphone thanks to the new simple and intuitive dedicated app, will enable customers to rent a New 500 from the Leasys fleet, which will include over 2000 vehicles for shared use in 2021.

Designed for the electric New 500, LeasysGO! will be temporarily available (until December 2020) solely to the Turin employees of the FCA Group, who will thus be the first to try it. In 2021, after Turin, LeasysGO! will launch also in in Milan and Rome as well as in two important European cities, Barcelona and Lyon.

After the test phase, by year-end the service will be open to the public and customers will be able to purchase the registration voucher on Amazon and then convert it on the LeasysGO! digital platform. Thus, in the space of a few minutes, customers will be able to book and use an electric New 500 at a highly competitive monthly fee that includes 2 hours of shared mobility per month. Once the 2 monthly car-sharing hours are exhausted, the service will be charged on a pay-per-use basis, at the cost of a few cents per minute. The electric recharge of the vehicles will be totally free and will be managed by the LeasysGO! team. Customers will always find a fully-charged and ready-to-use New 500 for shared use.

LeasysGO! and the New 500 combine all the benefits of electric driving and the new forms of mobility. In fact, LeasysGO! was created as the ideal solution to drive in restricted-traffic zones in cities, thanks to the fact that the New 500 is a zero-emission vehicle. Lastly, since the vehicle is in a car-sharing mode, parking is free.

The launch of the project benefited enormously from the collaboration of FCA’s e-Mobility team which – in liaising between Leasys’s new shared mobility and FCA’s electric vehicle production – facilitated the inclusion in the New 500 of a series of specific functionalities for the mobility of the future, contributing to make the New 500 the first FCA electric vehicle to be both shareable and sustainable. Furthermore, thanks to FCA’s e-Mobility team the service was made available to FCA employees on an exclusive basis.

The New 500, FCA’s first fully electric vehicle, comes in three models - hatchback, cabrio and 3 + 1 – and in three trim levels - ACTION, PASSION and ICON. Today, the third generation of the 500 is more technological, more connected, roomier than ever. Two range options are available: the Action has a range of more than 180 km WLTP while Passion and Icon have a range of up to 320 km WLTP, increasing to 460 km when driving in the city, thanks to a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 23.8 kWh and 42 kWh, respectively. The New 500 Action is equipped with the 50-kW fast charging system, to charge the car’s battery very quickly. For example, all you need to build up a sufficient energy reserve for daily kilometrage requirements (around 50 km) is less than 10 minutes, about the same time it takes to have breakfast in a café. The New 500 Passion and Icon are equipped with the 85-kW fast charging system, to charge the car’s battery very quickly, to build up an energy reserve sufficient to drive 50 km – which is more than enough to cover the average daily distance – in just five minutes. The 85-kW fast charging system can also recharge from a flat battery to 80% in just 35 minutes. The New 500 is the first city car with Level 2 Autonomous Driving as well as the first FCA car equipped with the new fifth-generation UConnect 5 infotainment system.

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