>> Geely Auto revealed the innovations that will lead to a transition to new energy products.

>> Geely invested as high as 100 billion yuan in R&D

>> Geely currently has four core modular architectures, namely BMA, CMA, SPA-L, and the pure electric architecture SEA

>> Geely released the "Smart Geely 2025 Strategy" in 2021 to build a technology ecosystem

>> Geely unveiled its latest vehicle operating system, N OS, at the Shanghai Auto Show 2023

At present, China has surpassed Germany and become the world's second largest car exporter. As the global automotive industry is transforming from fossil fuel to new energy, Chinese automobile brands have also been speeding up their layout of new energy products. In 2022, Geely Auto announced its "All-round Innovation" strategy to sound a clarion call for a comprehensive transition to new energy.

As a true "car maker", Geely owns a global car manufacturing system and world-class car manufacturing technologies. In the past ten years, Geely has invested as high as 100 billion yuan in R&D, and through the long-term technology accumulation and innovation, Geely has gained the most core technological advantages in the fields of new energy architecture, intelligent technology, new energy powertrain technology, smart cockpit and intelligent driving.

Everything about the vehicle comes from the power of the foundational modular architecture. Geely currently has four core modular architectures, namely BMA, CMA, SPA-L, and the pure electric architecture, SEA. With the birth of Leishen Power, the super PHEV solution, Geely's main architecture platforms currently have the ability to develop plug-in hybrids, e.g. the CMA platform from which comes Geely's latest model, Yinhe L7.

The four architectures will become an important technical support for Geely to compete head-on with mainstream auto makers and take the lead in the global auto industry. Geely's best-selling models in overseas markets, such as Monjaro, Tugella, Coolray and Emgrand, are all technological achievements of Geely's architecture-based car making.

With the development of intelligent and big data technologies, especially the breakthroughs in the AI field, automobile consumers have changed from simply using their cars to wanting to show more characteristics and enjoy more comfortable, relaxing and fun trips. Nowadays cars are more and more like a mobile intelligent terminal.

In 2021, Geely released the Smart Geely 2025 Strategy to build a technology ecosystem. In 2022, Geely announced the "All-round Innovation" strategy to launch more NEV models. Geely's intelligent driving technology is also becoming more and more mature.

Geely has developed an L2+ high-level intelligent driving platform and upgraded its full-featured intelligent driving experience, including the highway and elevated road oriented NOA for roads across the country, the development of user-exclusive driving learning modes, the urban NOA navigation assistance function, and the AVP valet parking function, etc., all of which continuously expand its advantages in intelligence.


The realization of intelligent driving technology is inseparable from powerful data processing capabilities. Geely's Xingrui Intelligent Computing Center is the first "cloud, data and intelligence" integrated super cloud computing platform among global car makers. Geely's Xingrui Intelligent Computing Center can directly provide AI, big data, intelligent driving and safety assurance services, for product intelligence and ecological intelligence.

At Auto Shanghai 2023, Geely Automobile also unveiled its latest vehicle operating system, N OS. The all-new N OS, based on the development concept of "open-source adaptation, open integration", and starting from the multiple dimensions of architecture layer, system layer and application layer, provides global users with a stronger and warmer interactive experience, a new UI style at the application layer, and a beautiful and silky Yinhe micro-motion effect.

Geely's comprehensive transition to new energy is also reflected in the powertrain field. At present, Geely Auto adopts the Leishen as its world-wide modular intelligent hybrid platform. The Leishen intelligent control system has three advantages - strong power, low fuel consumption, and super comfort.

In addition, Geely's comprehensive new energy transition is also shown in five major technological paths of energy powertrain system: pure electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, methanol and conventional power, meeting the diversified needs in different automotive markets around the world and helping Geely enter a new era of electrification.

Geely Auto has combined a world-leading intelligent manufacturing system with a cutting-edge, "space-ground integrated" technology ecosystem, leading China's NEV industry to drive into a new, value-upward track of development.

Taking advantage of the Shanghai Auto Show, Geely plans to release its ESG strategy with new energy and green ecosystems as the priorities of development, also a further upgrade of the "Smart Geely 2025" strategy. Geely will also comprehensively build a technological travel ecosystem through the layout of new energy technology, the Internet of Vehicles, and the value-building of self-ecosystems, to make the technological travel ecology at our fingertips.

In the future, Geely will adhere to the concept of sustainable development, continue and increase its investment in the new energy field, to build a safer, greener and more comprehensive intelligent energy system, which will continuously empower the NEV products, bringing both environment-friendly and happy travel experience to global users, and meanwhile, making greater contributions to the realization of the goal of carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality in the transportation sector.