>> Fisker showcases vision for sustainable all-electric vehicle lineup through 2026.

>> Vehicles include Ronin, PEAR, Alaska, and Fisker Ocean with Force E off-road package.

>> Fisker presents sustainability and ESG vision as it strives to become the world’s most sustainable carmaker.

>> Fisker shares future technology vision and introduces Fisker Blade central computing platform.

>> Projected pricing and scheduled availability announced for some vehicles.

LOS ANGELES - Fisker Inc., driven by a mission to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable electric vehicles, today showcased its future vehicle lineup in Huntington Beach, CA. The Manhattan Beach-based carmaker presented four vehicles, as well as technology and sustainability visions, to an audience of investors, analysts, employees, and the media.

Chairman and CEO Henrik presided over reveals of the Fisker Ocean SUV with a Force-E offroad package; the 1,000-plus-horsepower Fisker Ronin grand-touring four-door convertible; the Fisker PEAR sustainable city EV; and the Fisker Alaska all-electric pickup truck.

"Fisker isn’t standing still," said Henrik Fisker, who just a week earlier had been in Austria to meet with journalists participating in the company’s first major drive event for the Fisker Ocean, launched in November of 2022. "We want the world to know that we have big plans and intend to move into several different segments, redefining each with our unique blend of design, innovation, and sustainability.

In addition to the vehicles that were displayed on stage, the company detailed its Fisker Blade computer, a central computing platform that will greatly reduce complexity in forthcoming vehicles. Fisker also reviewed its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives as it strives to become the world’s most sustainable carmaker.

"Innovation and sustainability, along with design, are our three brand values," Henrik Fisker said. "By 2027, we intend to produce the world’s first climate-neutral vehicle, and as our customers reinvent their relationships with mobility, we want to be a leader in software-defined transportation."

After the conclusion of the Huntington Beach event, Fisker opened reservations for both the Fisker Ronin ($2,000 for first reservation, $1,000 fully refundable for second) and the Fisker Alaska ($250 for first reservation, $100 fully refundable for second).

Details on the newly revealed vehicles are as follows:

Fisker Ronin is the world’s first all-electric four-door convertible GT sports car.

> A true five-seat GT with a carbon fiber hard-top convertible, four butterfly doors, a high-tech luxury interior, and uniquely futuristic exterior design.

> An integrated battery pack powers Ronin to a targeted 600-plus mile range

> A triple motor all-wheel drive powertrain is projected to deliver massive 1,000-plus horsepower and 0-60 mph in approximately 2.0 seconds.

> A showcase for Fisker engineering, powertrain, and software capabilities, Ronin will be ultra-luxury priced and built in limited quantities.


Fisker PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) is Fisker’s vision of a sustainable EV as a connected mobility device.

> A category-breaking lifestyle vehicle built on Fisker’s SLV-1 platform, PEAR is built using Fisker’s Steel++ development process, resulting in the use of 35% fewer parts than other EVs in class.

> Features a highly connected and revolutionary electrical engineering architecture, and the first implementation of the Fisker Blade central computing platform.

> Unique Houdini Trunk (hideaway liftgate) and a front storage compartment called the Froot ("front boot") simplify cargo loading in city parking.

> Compact body length delivers sporty handling, while allowing room for spacious and modular interior with seating for up to six.

> Futuristic design includes an ultra-wide wraparound windscreen, sculptural exterior design, and slim LED lighting.

> Designed to be the future of clean and affordable mobility for a global mass market, PEAR is available in four trim levels, priced starting at $29,900, and scheduled to be available in mid-2025.

Fisker Alaska is Fisker’s versatile, advanced, and powerful all-electric four-door pickup truck.

> Built on an extended adaptation of Fisker Ocean’s platform called the FT31, Alaska is both a sporty everyday ride and a highly flexible utility pickup.

> Built for multiple cargo configurations, including a cargo bed extendable from 4.5 feet to 7.5 feet to 9.2 feet, and a Houdini bed divider which hides away to connect cargo bed and rear cabin.

> Designed to be the world’s lightest EV pickup truck.

> Designed to be the world’s most sustainable truck.

> Shares the Fisker Ocean’s modern design DNA and fast, road-holding EV performance, and has a projected range of 230-340 miles.

> Expected deliveries in 2025 and priced starting at $45,400 before incentives.

Force E is the dynamic and durable off-road package for the Fisker Ocean SUV

> Designed to maximize Fisker Ocean’s outstanding torque, power, and best-in-class range for sustainable off-roading adventure.

> Will be available for all-wheel drive Ultra and Extreme trims, both at vehicle purchase and as a post-purchase add-on package.

> Includes 33" tires on 20" wheels, higher ground clearance, specialized dampers, roof basket, front and rear skid plates, and an underbody plate for greater durability.

> Scheduled to be available in Q1 2024, with pricing to be announced.

About Fisker Inc.

California-based Fisker Inc. is revolutionizing the automotive industry by designing and developing individual mobility in alignment with nature. Passionately driven by a vision of a clean future for all, the company is on a mission to create the world’s most sustainable and emotional electric vehicles.