Helsinki – Rightware today shared that BYD, the world’s biggest electric car maker, selected Kanzi One to create the human-machine interface (HMI) in the recently launched Bao 5. The driving experience is enhanced by the smooth cockpit and impressive 3D graphics running on Android created using Rightware’s HMI toolchain.

In recent years, the smart car industry has seen OEMs continuously upgrade their vehicles to become more intelligent and diversified in an effort to win market share. Meanwhile, as BYD has continued to grow worldwide, it has successfully challenged many incumbents in different automotive market segments. Their latest target is the off-road market where BYD’s Formula Bao brand launched its first model the Bao 5 in China.

The vehicle has a leopard-inspired aesthetic design with an off-road feel specially developed for different terrains, a stunning cockpit experience, and an impactful and agile "visual sense" when driving. It has been enthusiastically received by car enthusiasts and has been much sought after since its launch.

This SUV is perfectly at home both in city driving and off-road with a variety of easily switched driving modes that cover most terrain conditions. In addition to having dedicated options for snow, sand, mud, mountains, rocks, and wading, the Bao 5 also has an intelligent mode and a racing mode, allowing drivers to enjoy the excitement of an off-road rally while being kept safe by the car’s cutting-edge technology.

When it came to the cockpit, the Bao 5 wanted to take the HMI design beyond being merely functional into something unique. However, the design team faced the challenge of how to implement this in Android given the problems this can have around complex development, time-consuming debugging, and insufficient memory during the test process.

The solution was to utilize Kanzi One, the world’s first automotive HMI toolchain and 3D engine that is fully compatible with the Android operating system. It seamlessly integrates Android’s resources and supports use on any Android component. The WYSIWYG feature helped the Bao 5 designers and developers solve their HMI design and development challenges.

The result can be seen in the vehicle’s triple-screen cockpit which augments the visual and auditory experience during off-road driving.

Kanzi One was also used to help the Bao 5 achieve stunning 3D visual effects in the HMI of various modules such as the instruments cluster, central control, and co-pilot, enhancing the interactive experience.

During the cooperation, Rightware not only provided rendering engine tools, but also deployed a team of experts to guide the vehicle model developers in how to use the Kanzi One rendering tool efficiently, to promptly answer any questions that arose during the development process, and to ensure the superior quality of the final product.

In the Bao 5 cockpit design, Kanzi One’s powerful rendering technology supported the realization of these innovative interactive effects:

Time-specific wallpaper across the three screens

The three-screen linked wallpaper function combines BYD’s core technology and Kanzi One’s rendering capabilities to automatically change according to the time of day: morning, afternoon, and evening. From mountain tops illuminated by the morning sun to a seaside scene at dusk, it creates an immersive visual effect for users that connects the screens to the environment outside the car.

Eight driving modes that simulate real conditions

When the user switches driving modes according to road conditions or personal preferences, the vehicle and background on the screen will also change to match. The options include environments like snow, mud, or wading and also a racing mode. This allows drivers to enjoy the experience of an off-road rally while also benefiting from cutting-edge safety technology.

Intelligent images that move with the sound

Bao 5 intelligent voice assistant "Xiao Fang" not only can accurately identify user needs based on voice commands but can also attract the user’s attention immediately with brilliant visual effects. 3D motion effects will reflect the current status in real-time matching the sound, allowing users to enjoy the perfect combination of driving and intelligence while taking advantage of voice services.

As the first model from BYD’s Formula Bao, the Bao 5 has an amazing cockpit HMI design with futuristic styling and powerful performance which combined have garnered a lot of attention. This integrated HMI design took advantage of the adaptability and creative capabilities of Kanzi One to deliver the project from concept to prototype to production.

Kanzi One will continue to work with the world’s leading car makers to power the HMIs in future off-road vehicles and other automotive segments.