>> Rooted in the essence of "your most emotional intelligent companion" and the design philosophy of "Future Elegance", the evolution of AVATR's family design focuses on three key elements: bold confidence, new intelligence, and vibrant individuality

>> AVATR 12 introduces a range of forward-thinking global firsts: front-row double ZERO GRAVITY seats, Intelligent Windshield, Intelligent Panoramic Sunroof, and the 35.4-inch 4K Panoramic Widescreen, embodying a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and captivating aesthetics

>> A first of its kind in China, AVATR 12 features HD interior and side rear-view digital mirrors, and an innovative hatchback design with no rear window, establishing a groundbreaking new standard for intelligent luxury coupes of the future

>> AVATR 12 is among the first to be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0 and Huawei's ADS 2.0 for more powerful intelligence

>> Deliveries of AVATR 12 is set to commence in Q4, with plans to enter the international market in the coming year

Munich/Shanghai — AVATR 12, the Futuristic Luxury Gran Coupe, made its global debut in Munich, Germany. Mesmerizing the global audience with its stunning appearance, AVATR 12 will be featured at the IAA Mobility. As one of the two flagship models of AVATR and the first coupe of its lineup, the AVATR 12 not only presents a striking futuristic exterior but also brings a new dimension of casual luxury interior and cutting-edge and caring technology. It sets a remarkable standard for mid-to-large sized luxury smart electric coupes, venturing into a fresh market segment.

"Positioned as the ‘Futuristic Luxury Gran Coupe’, the AVATR 12 will begin deliveries in the Chinese market in the fourth quarter of this year," Mr. Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of AVATR Technology announced during the debut event, "Additionally, we have two more highly competitive new products lined up for launch next year. As ‘design’ and ‘technology’ emerge as the distinctive values of our brand, we are also planning to make our official entry into the international market in the coming year!"

As Mr. Nader Faghihzadeh, Chief Design Officer of AVATR Technology, stated, "AVATR 12 embodies the future elegance design in its entirety, perfectly exemplifying AVATR's futuristic, ultimate, and pure design principles. It inspires limitless possibilities and a sense of freedom in users, leading them to envision the future."

Redefining luxury with innovation through future elegance

Staying true to the "Future Elegance" design concept, the AVATR 12's exterior design was completed by AVATR's Global Design Center in Munich, Germany, driven by a focus on being futuristic, ultimate, and pure.

AVATR 12 embraces assertive, three-dimensional surfaces and a highly fluid silhouette, creating an unforgettable signature impression. Additionally, AVATR 12 features innovative lights design with the iconic E-Shape LED headlights and the exclusive integrated "HALO Display", transforming the car into more than just a means of transportation. It becomes a true emotional intelligent companion, offering unparalleled human-vehicle interaction experience.

AVATR 12 features bold, three-dimensional surface design

With a length of 5020mm, AVATR 12 boasts a wheelbase of 3020mm, redefining the spacial benchmark for pure electric coupes. Furthermore, with 1999mm in width and 1450mm in height, coupled with dynamic lines and striking proportions, it portrays a breathtaking floating coupe, guaranteed to turn heads on the road.

Pioneering a hatchback design with an absence of a traditional rear window, AVATR 12 significantly expands the trunk space while creating a more interactive and responsive capsule. This innovative approach reshapes luxury and leads the future aesthetic trend in vehicle design. Furthermore, the AVATR 12's sleek and elegant body proportions, along with its unique and iconic tail design, capture an unparalleled sense of speed and futuristic technology.

AVATR 12’s hatchback with no rear window design

Stepping inside the AVATR 12, the instrument panel’s profoundly futuristic design draws aesthetic cues from sculptural artistry. Integrated design elements stretch seamlessly from the front dashboard to the wing-shaped formations on the doors on both sides. The upper door sections adopt 3D ribbed patterns, meticulously crafted through parametric design, and extending to the rear cabin partition. This enhances the interior's cohesiveness, enveloping occupants in a welcoming embrace.

AVATR 12’s cabin embodies the Gentle Tech minimalist design concept by reducing the amount of physical buttons to those which are really necessary and useful. Each door features a flip-up hidden storage space, maintaining tidiness and clarity while ensuring cohesiveness inside the cabin and protecting privacy. The center console incorporates an adaptive phone charger and a supportive cup holder, adding convenience and thoughtful details. With its innovative hatchback design and refined materials like fine NAPPA leather and sustainable mother of pearl wood, AVATR 12 indulges the users in the dreamed mobility lifestyles of tomorrow.

AVATR 12 minimalistic Gentle Tech cabin

Warm technology in every detail, redefining the future of intelligence

Among the many industry-first technologies, AVATR 12 highlights the world’s first front-row double ZERO GRAVITY seats in a sedan, which recline at the touch of a button and synchronize with different modes, providing coziness and comfort for both the driver and passenger. Additionally, AVATR 12 features the world's first Intelligent Windshield in a coupe with adaptive light-sensing capabilities. Moreover, the Intelligent Panoramic Sunroof not only responds to light dynamically but also offers exceptional visibility, natural lighting, and a treat for the eye, bringing the amazing future mobility lifestyles to the users today.

At the same time, AVATR 12 replaces traditional rear-view mirrors with HD digital mirrors that provide anti-glare and defrosting functions as well as enhanced night vision capabilities through HDR anti-glare technology. This offers clearer and more accurate content and a wider field of view for improved safety in extreme environments and increased confidence during daily driving. Simultaneously, with the aid of flexible and invisible techniques, AVATR 12's 35.4-inch 4K Panoramic Widescreen seamlessly integrates with the interior, achieving seamless interaction from a technological perspective, bringing the future of luxury travel within reach.

AVATR 12 is the first model in China to feature HD digital rear-view mirrors

AVATR 12 is the second product born from the "CHN — the All-New Generation Smart Electric Vehicle Technology Platform". It combines the strengths of Changan Auto, Huawei, and CATL in their respective fields to continuously explore user-centric mobility technology for the future. This not only leads Chinese automobiles into the SEV era but also offers users a wider range of choices.

In terms of intelligent technology, AVATR 12 comes equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0, bringing greater convenience and intelligent services to provide a more intuitive human-vehicle interaction for every car owner. Additionally, AVATR 12 features Huawei's advanced intelligent driving system, ADS 2.0, which reduces reliance on high-precision maps and delivers an exceptionally intelligent driving experience in scenarios such as highway, urban areas and parking.

Committed to building a global brand and striving to establish a new luxury benchmark for Chinese automotive industry

In the fourth quarter of this year, AVATR 12 will begin deliveries in the Chinese market. Meanwhile, AVATR Technology is accelerating the pace of new product development and plans to launch two new products next year. Since its inception, AVATR's vision has extended beyond China to the wider world. Next year, AVATR Technology plans to enter the international market and directly face the global luxury brands in the high-end SEV segment, with its confidence and determination to represent Chinese automobiles and establish a new set luxury standards of their own.

As AVATR's second product and a significant achievement in reaching the "Four Models in Four Years" mid-term strategy, AVATR 12 exemplifies the product philosophy of "futuristic design" and "warm and caring technology". It is expected that AVATR 12 not only opens up a whole new market in the realm of luxury coupes but also delivers unparalleled and futuristic mobility and lifestyle experiences to their users.