Historically, the world of vehicle data has been extremely opaque with limited ability to capture and extract value, this, despite a belief that the telematics industry is maturing.

That all changes today. We have coupled three things that are absolutely essential to creating value through data:

1. With Aptiv Connect, you can analyze more vehicle data in greater detail while keeping costs low. Thanks to Dynamic Edge, a capability of Aptiv Connect, hardware and software embedded in the vehicle. Dynamic Edge processes data at the vehicle, allowing you to analyze many more data points and transmit only the insights that data provides to the cloud. You get the right data at the right time for the right price.

2. Our current customers tell us they’ve seen a four-to six-month reduction in the time it takes to find and fix warranty problems in the field. That’s because our solution includes a highly configurable cloud-based web application that enables real-time data management during pre, early, and post-production stages of the vehicle lifecycle. You remotely configure the software so that it sends you only the data that is most valuable to the business. This allows a lighter data stream from your production vehicles. But if there is a problem in one or more of the vehicles, Aptiv Connect can send a lot more data from just those vehicles so that you can solve the problem faster.

3. Aptiv Connect also provides a foundation on which to build business solutions and analytics. It enables push notifications to let customers know they need to visit their dealer for parts and service, a data marketplace to enable in-car advertising, a dealer portal, and even a white-glove service offering to keep your customer connected to you. Think remote delivery of fuel, package delivery to your car, or digital keys. The value potential is limitless.

Our Command Center supports the needs of today and, ultimately, a fully autonomous fleet. Not only does Aptiv Connect capture data to create higher-quality vehicles but it also captures data that enhances the overall experience. It requires deep domain expertise, flexibility, and scalability to provide the right data at the right time. Aptiv’s engineering-grade capability and long history in connected vehicles delivers the best solution out there – one that will usher in the age of new mobility.

This command center keeps tabs on Aptiv’s commercialized autonomous fleet running in Las Vegas. It shows exactly where the vehicles are and alerts us when a specific vehicle may need attention. Right now you can see vehicle 75 is displaying a non-critical notification.

Taking a closer look at this vehicle, it’s currently parked here at the Pilot service station, and Aptiv Connect has detected that it needs brake pads. Utilizing Dynamic Edge processing, we can calculate brake wear down to tenths of millimeters, which predicts replacement far more accurately than the worst-case conditions put in the owner’s manual.

Looking at another vehicle, you can see its health status. You can see real-time insights – we can capture tens of thousands of parameters, such as fuel consumption, service prognostics, and utilization – for each individual vehicle in the fleet. Our software is analyzing data on the edge, and if it detects an event, like hard braking, it uploads a critical subset of that data to the cloud and quickly updates the dashboard.

Thanks to the teleoperation capabilities of our platform, we also can intervene in situations that the fully autonomous vehicles of the not-too-distant future might not have the capacity to solve. For example, we could see if one of the vehicles has been sitting in a location that it should have already passed. Using our live stream video, we can see that the vehicle is stopped behind a pop-up construction zone.

Now, if you or I were behind the wheel, we’d know to go around it slowly once it was safe to do so. But in this instance, the autonomous vehicle sensed something in the road and slowed to a stop behind it, waiting for traffic to clear. The vehicle alert and live video give you the actionable insight you need to tell the vehicle to go around the construction.

Another next-generation application enabled by Aptiv Connect is business intelligence. Imagine that you’re running one of the big casinos here in town. You already have a lot of analytics about your customer base. Now you can supplement that with data from the ride-hailing service, which shows when and where your customers are arriving and departing.

For example, this dashboard shows that between 6 and 8 p.m., Casino A is losing a lot of customers to Casino B, and you need to leverage this information while your customers are in those “persuadable moments” - when they’re either waiting for a vehicle or while they’re a captive audience as a passenger in route to your property.

One way to leverage this information in a persuadable moment could be using the platform to show when a customer is on the way from another location. Since you also know that you have a net departure around dinner time, you could push a notification to that guest for $50 off dinner at your premier restaurant.

Using Aptiv Connect, customers are not only capturing data to create higher-quality vehicles but are also capturing data that can enhance the customer experience.

Aptiv’s engineering-grade capability and long history in connected vehicles delivers the best solution out there – one that will help you usher in the age of new mobility. It requires deep domain expertise, flexibility, and scalability to provide the right data at the right time to deliver actionable insights.