The Peugeot Instinct Concept car, debuting at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, merges cutting edge automotive technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) in a way that will redefine how we think of cars. The Peugeot Instinct Concept envisions a modern lifestyle in which the automotive experience blends seamlessly with all your connected devices and services.

Samsung ARTIK Cloud is the concept car’s onramp to the Internet of Things. Peugeot has partnered with Samsung to include a functional onboard IoT Cloud in its car design – Samsung ARTIK is part of this car’s DNA!

Samsung ARTIK Cloud gives the Peugeot Instinct Concept the digital horsepower to connect with your smartphone, smartwatch and other wearables, as you might expect. But ARTIK Cloud also drives it farther down the road, connecting to social media and your smart home devices, including voice-controlled personal assistants, lighting, door locks, security systems, smart televisions, and audio streaming services. Your digital life can cruise right along with you on the highway.


Peugeot calls it “augmented freedom.”

And what does “augmented freedom” look like? Here’s a test drive:

• Thursday morning. You set the car’s active cruise control to keep moving at a steady pace as you drive to work, enjoying the pre-configured settings for seat position, temperature, entertainment system, and other comfort features. When you arrive, the car suggests you park a 10-minute walk from your office, because your fitness tracker indicates that you didn’t get much exercise yesterday.

• Saturday mid-morning. As you start the car up, the stereo system begins playing the track you were listening to at home, and your home’s doors lock automatically. The day is sunny and traffic is light as you leave home for the park, where you plan a quick run before meeting friends for lunch at a popular cafe nearby. Synchronizing the car’s navigation system with your calendar and with weather and traffic reports, the car has suggested that you leave 15 minutes early so you can arrive at the park in time to finish your run and still make the lunch reservation.

• Monday evening. Sensing from your smartwatch that you’re very tired after a long day at work and a hard session at the gym, the car switches to an autonomous driving mode, allowing you to watch a video, read, or simply rest during your commute home. As you approach your house, the outside lights come on to illuminate your driveway and the path to your door, and the garage door opens. 

• Friday late afternoon. You head out to an appointment some distance away, on a journey that includes a long stretch of motorway followed by a local winding road. It’s raining quite hard, and there’s heavy traffic along much of your route. As you enter the motorway, you initiate autonomous driving mode, which optimizes journey times with precise, efficient road handling. Knowing that you enjoy driving when the roads get twisty, the car puts itself in your capable hands as you leave the highway and get to the interesting bits.

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