The connected car is a reality: Cars are not just tools for transportation anymore. The digital revolution has turned them into computers on wheels – the ultimate smart devices. Consumers already expect seamless connectivity between their cars and smartphones. But that’s just the beginning. Three quarters of all cars sold in 2032 are expected to be fully autonomous. This means that carmakers aren’t just responsible for the physical safety of their drivers and passengers. They also have to ensure the security of their data and digital identities.

Connected cars don’t just protect their passengers with eCall features that automatically send emergency calls when necessary. They let drivers remotely switch on their air-conditioning on a hot day, and drivers can even link their wallets to charging stations to pay wirelessly. Manufacturers can use their uplink to remotely diagnose and repair issues. And third parties like insurance companies can use data generated by a connected car to offer improved services. But only if all of the data that is collected and shared is protected.

As tantalizing as these prospects may be, they create inroads for fraudsters and hackers. Unless the underlying technologies and infrastructures are safe, that is. G&D is here to provide scalable solutions that secure connected cars, driver identities, and automotive services in the digital world. Eight out of ten of the world’s top car manufacturers already rely on G&D’s embedded SIM solutions.

G&D solutions for automotive security: Embedded SIM G&D offers M2M SIM modules and embedded SIMs with robust, secure connectivity. Our solutions act as a vault protecting the digital identities of cars, their components, and drivers. The perfect foundation for secure telematics and mobility services as well as remote diagnostics and maintenance. eSIM Management G&D’s eSIM management solutions let manufacturers personalize embedded SIMs and send data to cars. Remotely, securely, and without any waiting time. They work in devices across the globe, independent from their place of manufacture, and are flexible enough to allow entire fleets to switch connectivity providers without issue. 

Device Conguration: Our device management platform allows manufacturers to easily detect, congure, and manage embedded SIMs within the communication unit over the air. It’s the perfect life-cycle management solution for the connected car of the future.

Secure Personalization: Our controlled production environment allows you to remotely identify and manage SIM credentials according to conventional system characteristics. G&D offers you state-of-the-art availability, security, robustness, scalability, and user-friendliness.

Industry Grade Logistics: Our solutions let car manufacturers manage all their processes just in time to meet the demands of the modern automotive industry. G&D’s personalized SMD modules for car TCUs are certied to ISO 16949. 

Remote Software Update and Remote Maintenance: In the future, mechanics will be able to access cars via a network connection to update software, diagnose issues, and even repair systems remotely. We are making sure that this connection is secure and that all transferred data is perfectly encrypted.

Identity Management: The digital services attached to a connected car require trusted identity management for users and secure digital identities for all of its built-in ECUs. Our identity and access management solutions make it easy to create, manage, and use digital identities throughout their entire productive life cycles.

Secure Key Management: Because cars are rarely used by only one person, logical and physical access has to be managed with different privileges. This becomes especially important in corporate and car-sharing fleets. Our systems allow this to be done in the car’s interface itself, protecting your products and their users against unauthorized access. 

Trusted Service Management:Third-party service providers may need the ability to securely store applications or keys for their in-car services. Our TSM service management platforms allow dedicated security domains to be created and securely managed.