End-to-end partnerships for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators

To support development, rollout and continued management of connected vehicles, Ericsson offers end-to-end partnerships for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators. Utilizing a horizontal model, we help our partners integrate all the diverse elements making up the connected vehicle ecosystem.

Connectivity Management

Reliable connectivity is critical to the connected car experience. Drivers should be able to count on dependable streaming of their entertainment services, trust that they have the latest traffic updates to enable a safe journey, and know their “over the air” software updates will ensure optimal performance.

Ericsson manages the connectivity by taking care device and applications verification, subscriptions, billing and user analytics. 

To ensure services to work for every connected car and fleet, Ericsson can take care of planning, managing, monitoring the essential ingredient – connectivity. Located in 180 countries, we have expertise in deploying services in markets around the globe, with knowledge of local regulations, geographical conditions and operator landscapes.

Our connected vehicle solution is based on our experience and expertise as the world leader in mobile connectivity. By relying on our solution to manage network reliability and performance variability, OEM’s can focus on innovating together with new partners, and creating new connected services for drivers.

Connected Vehicle Cloud

Connectivity is changing the automotive ecosystem, and the way drivers interact with their cars. Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud is catering to the global automotive industry’s need for scalability, security and flexibility when connecting products and services.

Vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators can easily expand services to new segments and regions via the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud. Ericsson's deployment model is flexible, with a central node and regional nodes based upon varying market requirements and local regulations. The Connected Vehicle Cloud is built for scale and flexibility.

Today the Connected Vehicle Cloud incorporates five core connected vehicle service blocks: Telematics, Infotainment, Fleet Management, ADAS and Autonomous and Software Defined Vehicles. Each block of the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud can be used separately or combined, depending on your needs.

With the Connected Vehicle Cloud from Ericsson, our partners can integrate and manage an ecosystem of third party services and stakeholders. As an OEM you can retain secure control of proprietary data such as vehicle and driver telematics as you partner with local businesses, traffic authorities, insurance companies, entertainment channels, maintenance providers and more.


Connected Vehicle Marketplace

In tandem with our multiple-award-winning Connected Vehicle cloud solution, we have created the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Marketplace. It is designed to give you all the tools you need to reduce the complexities of building digital service ecosystems for connected vehicles:

>> Data orchestration: Securely share vehicle data with third parties.

>> Consent management: Agreements between the driver, third parties and you, create a trusted environment to grow your business.

>> Automated partner management: Seize long-tail sales opportunities through automated onboarding of third parties.

>> Billing and settlement: Flexibly manage payment and revenue sharing.

Ericsson Connected Vehicle Marketplace enables you to focus on growing your ecosystem and capture the partner innovations your drivers really want.